Are you a successful business owner who is feeling stuck?

Imagine if you could:

  • Think big about what’s possible for you and your business and then make that into a reality
  • Find the courage to step onto the bigger stage with an unshakeable sense of purpose, so you can promote your message to a wider audience
  • Hit the next income level so you can easily save for your retirement, pay for your kids’ education, and provide handsomely for your family
  • Feel courageous and resilient no matter what happens in your business, so you bounce back quickly when things don’t go to plan
  • Stop feeling exhausted by anxiety so you can make progress with great passion and energy
  • Be 100% confident your business was in the safe hands of a trusted team so you have the freedom to travel and spend quality time with family and friends

Sound amazing?

This is what Business Freedom Coaching helps you achieve...

The Business Freedom Coaching Programme

The Business Freedom Coaching Programme

This 6-month, private coaching experience helps you move from feeling stuck to experiencing flow in your business so you can fall in love with running your business again.

The Programme helps you find clarity and confidence to make great business decisions. This may include hiring a virtual or in-house team who fully supports you in your vision, so you can have the freedom to step away from your business whenever you want.

I help you to eliminate your inner blocks so you can:

  • Unleash your creativity to create passive income for your business, giving you more time and income freedom
  • Feel comfortable charging higher prices, so you can choose to cut down your hours and have more fun
  • Free up your energy currently taken up with feeling afraid so you feel clearer and more focused on growing your business
  • Feel safe being visible without worrying about others criticising or judging you.

I help you feel ready to take your place at the “big table” with your next level business peer group.

Susan Epstein

Before I met Nina, I was afraid to ask for the value I knew I was worth, and to charge what I wanted for my high end coaching. As a result of our work together, Nina has helped me to clear away my Limiting Beliefs around money, and within 30 days, not only was I able to ask for my higher price and get it, I also signed up 3 new clients, creating an additional $36k in my business.

- Susan Epstein

How Does 1-to-1 Coaching Work?

I lead you, step-by-step, through a wonderfully easy process to clear out your limiting beliefs. For instance, if you’re beating yourself up because you’re playing it small and safe, we discuss your fears around being found out as a fraud, so you feel positive about claiming your expert status. Or if you struggle with public speaking but would love to present at an upcoming conference, we discuss what’s holding you back, so you feel at ease in front of a big audience.

From our first session, you start identifying and clearing out your limiting beliefs, so you see significant changes immediately.

The Business Freedom Programme comprises:

  • A 6-month, 1-to-1 Coaching Programme
  • 12 fortnightly coaching sessions
  • Each session is 90 minutes - so you have time to delve deep into why you're repeating unhelpful patterns, and the underlying limiting beliefs keeping these in place
  • All our sessions will be on Skype, from the comfort of your home or office
  • Unlimited Email Support between sessions: if you hit a wall and get caught up in a negative thought pattern, I'm here to get you untangled and back on track

Making time to clear out your inner blocks so you can grow your business could be the best time you’ll ever spend. Get a quieter and clearer mind so you stop procrastinating and start taking focused action. Unleash your creativity, and dream big. Enjoy easier and more productive relationships and make life more fun.

You can bring ANY challenge to the table.


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What if I don’t have time to clear out my blocks?

All the work is done within the sessions so you don’t have to spend time on any prep or homework. Sessions take place on Skype so you don’t have to waste any time travelling.

I’ve tried this stuff before. What if this doesn’t work?

The first step is to have a Free 60-minute Business Breakthrough Call to see if we’re a good fit so you can make the best decision for you and your business.

I don’t want to invest in inner work - I need to invest in the external stuff - like marketing, teams, processes etc.

Like many of my clients, once you clear out your inner blocks, you find your external stuff works much better, and you get a better return on your investments on teams, marketing, processes etc.

What do I get exactly?

You have 12 x 90-minute Skype sessions every 2 weeks over 6 months where you bring WHATEVER is blocking you to the table.

What if I get stuck in between sessions?

I’m here to help with Unlimited Email Support in between sessions so you don’t have to sort this stuff out on your own.

OK, how do we get started?

The first step is to schedule a Free 60-minute Business Breakthrough Call to see if we’re a good fit. You can make the best decision for you and your business. Schedule your call here:

Cathy Demers

Working with Nina has helped me to increase my clarity, improve my confidence, and move forward fearlessly into an exciting new business venture. I've been successful in business, yet I knew there was still something holding me back from really "playing big" and having all the success I know I'm capable of.

Nina is amazing! I’ve been able to quickly and painlessly release my fears and finally let go of old "stories" that have been holding me back. She has really helped me to break through even my most stubborn personal blocks and truly “up level” my both my business and my life. I am inspired and excited to move forward bravely and decisively growing my business and make my biggest contribution to the world.

- Cathy Demers


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