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I help business owners and entrepreneurs dissolve their limiting beliefs and create a business growth mindset.

Grow your business, increase your impact, and make more money.

If you’ve been slogging away at your business for a while now and you’re still:

  • Slamming up against the same obstacles
  • Eearning the same income
  • Growing weary of the constant push to do more… Stop it!
It’s time to climb down from the ferris wheel of “going nowhere slowly” and take action on the only thing that will ever make a difference:


The reason you’re not nailing your biggest goals, earning a bigger income and experiencing the level of success you know is possible is NOT because:
  • Your strategies suck
  • Your team is deficient
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day.
The real reason is not what you’re doing (or not doing).

It’s how you’re thinking.

The good news is the instant you give your mindset an upgrade, it will be easy for you to achieve your business goals with passion and confidence. Old limitations will magically melt away, and things that used to feel difficult and impossible will be easy and automatic.

If you’re truly ready to take on the one thing that’s going to make a difference in your business, join me for…

“Your Magnificent Success”

Private Coaching Programme

This 12-month, private coaching experience takes you from stuck and stagnant to zooming full steam ahead with passion, confidence, and certainty that you can fulfill your vision.

After the “Your Magnificent Success” Private Coaching Programme, you’ll be able to:

  • Hit new heights of productivity and profitability because you’re in the creative flow of your business
  • Consistently increase your income, pay off your debt and always have more than enough for retirement, your kids’ education, and long family vacations
  • Stop stalling on decisions and always know the best choice to make and the right path to take
  • Raise your prices (without batting an eye), cut down your hours, and only work with clients you love
  • Deliver your message to a wider audience without freaking out about being rejected or judged
  • Stop being run by stress and anxiety and build your business with great passion and energy
  • Turn your biggest, brightest vision into your everyday reality
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Here’s why “Your Magnificent Success” Private Coaching Programme is going to quickly create the positive results that have eluded you so far:

  • You’ll go to your the core of who you are, connect to your true power, and make profound internal shifts that guarantee success without pushing, pressure or overwhelm
  • You’ll eliminate old fears, melt away resistance, and open up to exciting and limitless possibilities
  • You’ll get rid of the inner clutter that’s been holding you back forever so you can move ahead with confidence, clarity and certainty

“Your Magnificent Success” Private Coaching Programme is perfect for you if...

  • You’ve been in business for years, you’re doing well, but your ultimate goal is still out of reach
  • You keep running into the same old obstacles time and time again
  • You’re tired of making half of the income you know is possible for you
  • You’re ready to stop wasting your time and money on endless strategies and programs… and instead invest in a solution that works
  • You’re at that make or break moment where something has to work now
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Here’s how it works

Together, we’ll get to the core of what’s keeping you from the success you want, turn it around quickly, and create new and empowering beliefs that generate more income without working harder.

"Your Magnificent Success" Private Coaching Programme includes:


I’ve tried this mindset stuff before. Why will it work this time?
Because I’ll show you how to remove your deeply hidden, self-sabotaging blocks permanently. Once you do this work with me, you’ll be home free. Most of my clients come to me when nothing else has worked for them. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have the results to prove that removing inner blocks around self worth and money unleashes unlimited abundance.

This sounds like a lot of inner work. I need to invest in the external stuff - like marketing, teams, processes etc.
It seems logical to invest in the outer stuff, but it won’t give you the results you want until you do the inner work first. Like many of my clients, once you clear out your inner blocks, you’ll find your external stuff works much better, and you get a better return on all of your investments, whether it be teams, marketing, processes etc.

What do I get exactly?
You get a completely new way of being in your business, you reach your business goals without stress, and you get to love what you do. You get a private coaching session with me every 2 weeks over 12 months where you can bring whatever is blocking you to the table.

What if I get stuck in between sessions?
I’m here to help with Unlimited Email Support in between sessions so you don’t have to sort this stuff out on your own.

OK, how do we get started?
The first step is to schedule your “Your Magnificent Success Call” to see if we’re a good fit. Schedule your call below.
Susan Epstein

Before I met Nina, I was afraid to ask for the value I knew I was worth, and to charge what I wanted for my high-end coaching. As a result of our work together, Nina has helped me to clear away my Limiting Beliefs around money, and within 30 days, not only was I able to ask for my higher price and get it, I also signed up 3 new clients, creating an additional $36k in my business.

- Susan Epstein
Ben Simerly

Nina's process is driven by tangible outcomes, forward movement, and turning what you cannot do into what you can.

The beauty in Nina's work is its focus on results. Her process is driven by tangible outcomes, forward movement, and turning what you cannot do into what you can. Many in this space focus on things so ethereal and mythical that it feels more like training to be a monk than something you can apply at work. This is not a program for spiritual enlightenment. This is for progress, and Nina gets it.

- Ben Simerly
Cathy Demers

Working with Nina has helped me to increase my clarity, improve my confidence, and move forward fearlessly into an exciting new business venture. I've been successful in business, yet I knew there was still something holding me back from really "playing big" and having all the success I know I'm capable of. Nina is amazing! I’ve been able to quickly and painlessly release my fears and finally let go of old "stories" that have been holding me back. She has really helped me to break through even my most stubborn personal blocks and truly “uplevel” my both my business and my life. I am inspired and excited to move forward bravely and decisively growing my business and make my biggest contribution to the world.

- Cathy Demers

Imagine, in just 12 months or less, you’re no longer feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, or resenting your business because it’s not fun anymore. Instead, you’re energized, inspired, and focused on the activities that generate more income. You’ll work with clients you love, be in the creative flow, and increase your impact … without doing more, stressing out or working harder.

Find out if this programme is right for you...Let’s Talk