Want to know how to boost your profits without working harder?

I increased revenue by about 25% and hit my business goals in just nine months (three months earlier than planned).

I worked with Nina over a 12-month period to help take my consulting and coaching business to the next level.

Nina and I worked across a range of areas, from business strategy through to mindset work.

Not only were the sessions enjoyable, but I achieved great results. I increased revenue by about 25% and hit my business goals in just nine months (three months earlier than planned).

I can thoroughly recommend Nina’s services.


I’ve seen remarkable changes in how I work, what opportunities I notice, and how consistently I make progress.

It’s rare to make any sorts of breakthroughs in one or two sessions. It becomes even rarer when you’ve worked through many of your limiting beliefs and the like. Yet, in two sessions, Nina helped me not only notice something I was unaware of before, but also get through it. I’ve seen remarkable changes in how I work, what opportunities I notice, and how consistently I make progress since then.

Peter Sandeen

Since we did the session and worked on some blocks I had no idea I even had, my revenue tripled.

I didn’t consider myself to be someone with any blocks but I thought, since this person I look up to consults with Nina, why not give it a try.

I did.

And OMG, the results were remarkable!

Since we did the session and worked on some blocks I had no idea I even had, my revenue tripled.

I’m not talking about leads, prospects or appointments. I’m talking about cash. And you can’t argue with numbers.

Alinka Rutkowska

I have been working with Nina over the past couple of months and I must say we have cleared more blockages in the past few weeks than I ever did with months of coaching. There comes a time in your life when you think you have everything sorted, only to find out that a few simple tweaks can catapult you to the next level that you didn’t even know was there.

I feel lighter and brighter from our sessions and am looking forward to continuing to work with Nina. If you are a high performing professional that wants more but are frustrated that you are not achieving, it I suggest you speak with Nina.

Nina has the Midas touch.

Amanda C Watts

I thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t at all. The next weekend I made $21,000 in new sales. Yep, $21K in 3 Days…!!!

I didn’t quite know what to expect when I signed up to work with Nina in your “Big Money” Breakthrough Sessions, but I’m SO glad I did it anyway. Nina helped me clear tons of blocks I had around money and I gotta say… it was surprisingly easy. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t at all. The next weekend I made $21,000 in new sales. Yep, $21K in 3 Days…!!! Thank you, Nina!

Jenn Mayers

Within 30 days, not only was I able to ask for my higher price and get it, I also signed up 3 new clients, creating an additional $36k in my business.

Before I met Nina, I was afraid to ask for the value I knew I was worth, and to charge what I wanted for my high end coaching. As a result of our work together, Nina has helped me to clear away my Limiting Beliefs around money, and within 30 days, not only was I able to ask for my higher price and get it, I also signed up 3 new clients, creating an additional $36k in my business.

Dov Gordon

It was only after having a session with Nina to clear my blocks around earning more money that I started seeing a big change in my income. That very next month, I earned twice what I’d earned in any month prior to that. And the month after that, I increased my record month by another whopping 30%. In January of 2020, I hired Nina to coach me for an entire year and had my first 7-figure year thanks to her mindset coaching! Thank You Nina!

– Rob Goyette

For 15 years before I met Nina, I hired three different coaches. And I made $0 from all of them.

I hired Nina because I wanted to grow my financial advisory practice, but I didn’t have the confidence to think big enough to achieve my goals. Which meant my revenues and profits stayed the same year after year.

Working with Nina has been tranformational for my business. I have got more out of our coaching than I ever thought possible.

The results speak for themselves:

We have focused on growing my financial advisory business and in the last two weeks alone, I have brought $100,000 on board, and I have more in the pipeline.

A side effect of Nina’s coaching is that my estate planning business has also increased by 10%. So I’m very pleased. I now feel empowered to hit my profit goals and exit my business on my terms.

If you feel stuck and don’t know how to take your practice to the next level of profit growth, then I recommend you work with Nina. She will transform your practice.

– James Miller

Before working with Nina, I had a successful business and things were going well for me in many areas. Yet something kept getting in the way when it came to taking things to the next level of growth. In particular things weren’t working in the harmonious and effective way that they needed to behind the scenes. At first I thought this was down to “bad luck” or “bad choices” but when I noticed the same problems occurring over and over again I started to wonder if it might be something deeper – but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Through the work I did with Nina, I identified unhelpful patterns of belief and behaviour that had their roots in past experience. I wasn’t consciously aware of these responses but they were influencing the way I approached certain situations within the business and this was having a negative impact on my potential to grow.

Nina is passionate about making this difference to business owners and I felt she was fiercely committed on my behalf to identifying what was really blocking my business growth. This meant that we were able to find the true root emotional cause that was getting in the way, and do the all important work to shift it.

Since working with Nina I am noticing a difference in the way that I think and feel around key issues that were a challenge for me previously. I can finally see that some of the things holding me back were more “in me” than “out there” in the world. It feels as if the work I have done with her has lifted an invisible ceiling that was keeping me stuck – and now the sky is the limit.

Excited and happy! Thank you so much, Nina!

– Catherine Watkin

If you’re reading this you already know that your limiting beliefs are holding you back. Congratulations, this is great news!

The next step is to become aware of them and work out how to get rid of them. Nobody has the perspective to do this alone.

Enter Nina Cooke!

Nina’s deceptively simple, profound and actionable process gives you the tools to un-pick the unhelpful and ingrained thought patterns that are tripping you up, leaving you more time to do what you’re good at and have more satisfaction doing it.

I can highly recommend working with Nina – it’s Marie Kondo for your thought patterns!

– Michael Harvey

My experience with Nina was profoundly and deeply moving, clarifying, and genuinely liberating. She is a true master of her craft.

– Jaimie Crooks

I’ve been in Nina’s Your Magnificent Success Mastemind for a while and I’ve discovered that meaningful work on limiting beliefs takes time. It’s not as effective when it’s a short term project. I appreciate that Nina created this year long program because it’s given me time to make real change. My quality of life is significantly better, and I no longer feel tossed and tattered by seemingly ”true” things my mind tells me. The other thing I discovered is that it’s almost impossible to clean up limiting beliefs without input from an outside person. I can’t see through my own web of misperceptions. Nina is a master at helping me in this way. Lastly, Nina creates an environment that is safe and supportive for this work and I always know I’m going to feel empowered after our YMS calls.

If I had not worked with Nina in her mastermind, I wouldn’t still be growing my business. I would have set it aside for “later” and gotten a J-O-B.

– Linda Flynt

Before working with you, I had a terrible fear of sales calls. I would plan out the calling strategy, send out the emails to ‘warm them up’ … and then never call them. I’d create good excuses to not call them for a short time … then the excuse would be … well, it’s too late now, the emails went out a month ago, I can’t ‘follow up’ on them now.

But, after working with you, I was able to reduce the level of anxiety about making the calls…. Just went ahead and did them … and did great! It felt great to make the calls, and say what I had to say. And I was SO proud of myself for making the calls. For doing something that has scared me for so long.

And, now I’m going to anchor THOSE emotions to my thoughts about making sales calls. Remembering how GREAT it can feel to do them, thinking of sales calls as something that makes me HAPPY — what a concept!

I have no doubt this will make a huge difference in my ability to more rapidly grow my business with ideal clients!

Thank you!

– Kathryn Gillett

Working with Nina has helped me to increase my clarity, improve my confidence, and move forward fearlessly into an exciting new business venture. I’ve been successful in business, yet I knew there was still something holding me back from really “playing big” and having all the success I know I’m capable of.

Nina is amazing! I’ve been able to quickly and painlessly release my fears and finally let go of old “stories” that have been holding me back. She has really helped me to break through even my most stubborn personal blocks and truly “up level” my both my business and my life. I am inspired and excited to move forward bravely and decisively growing my business and make my biggest contribution to the world.

I upleveled my management style and now my Team is amazing, fabulous and I feel totally supported by people I love dearly.

I struggled in my business for years and years. I made just enough money to keep my head above water, but could not figure out how to do better or work less hours or make anything any easier, it all just got harder and harder until I was on the edge of burnout.

When I found Nina and started working with her, everything changed! For instance:

My income improved without my having to work harder. In fact, last year we almost doubled our income, without working myself or my team to death. In fact, when we tallied the year end totals I was astonished because it felt like it had been so easy! This year we’re on track to do even better and it just gets easier and easier too.

The quality of my clients and students improved dramatically too! Before I often had clients I didn’t really enjoy working with. Now? I LOVE my clients and feel eager to do their sessions. And they pay me well for it too.

I upleveled my management style and now my Team is amazing, fabulous and I feel totally supported by people I love dearly. It’s truly a joy and an honor to have them in my life and helping me reach and teach more animal lovers, fulfilling my mission and purpose here.

My health improved, naturally because I was in better flow and alignment, more congruent within myself.

Even my dating journey changed. I started showing up more authentically with my dates, expressing myself better, attracting better “quality” men into my life, and having a lot more fun with all my relationships. In fact, the man I met toward the end of my coaching time with Nina turned out to be “The One”. I married him, and we’re having a wonderful time together.

Now I feel unstoppable. I feel so energized. So awakened. So on fire.

– Tracey David

After several years of working hard to launch my business as a coach, I was still at the same place I started – not bringing in enough money to pay my living expenses.

My business coach saw that I was putting in the effort yet had stalled. So he brought out what he dubbed his “secret weapon”. It turned out to be Nina Cooke. During our sessions. Nina uncovered all of my internal blocks and fears. How could I be a successful coach with all these doubts about my worthiness, adequacy, and competence?

Each session shifted my uncertainty to self-assurance. I began to attract more clients much more easily. Amazingly this happened within a short 3 months.

The approach Nina used totally resonated with my values I’m ever so grateful to my business coach for suggesting I work with Nina; and I’m every so grateful to her for the knowledge, skill, and support she gave me to set me free from my restricting beliefs.

Although I’ve shared my experience, I urge you to get your own. Only then will you know on a gut level how profound this work is.

– Nancy Zare

So sorry for the late reply. I’ve been busy with actual clients.

Here’s what has been happening:

1. I’m taking another online course to help me build up my business, but actually DOING it this time. Working through it as I know I’m good enough to do this.

2. I’m pretty much booked out for the whole of this month.

3. I’m far less stressed when I speak to a potential client and they don’t come back to me – I know they’re not a good fit for me and that another will be along soon.

4. I’m standing up for myself more.

5. I’m on target to make £2k of profit this month. Profit, not income. Profit :)

6. I’m sleeping better and able to get up in the morning and get going.

7. The clients I’m taking on are much closer to my ideal client than ever before.

8. I know I can take all of this step by step, I don’t have to have all the answers right now, that things do take time and that’s OK.

9. I talk about my business with confidence now – just last week, I was in conversation with one of the people here at my coworking space. He’s the Sales Manager for a company of 40 people, doing what I do but obviously on a much bigger scale. We talked about projects and work and I felt totally and utterly comfortable.

10. I feel in control. I’ve set myself a goal of making £100K next year, and yes that is daunting but I feel I now have the capability to do it.

I still have odd days where I feel “ack, will this ever work? Am I doomed to be a failure? To be the child with so much potential that never was realised?” But there is a new voice in me. It’s quiet, but it tells me these things can be done. It tells me that the thoughts of failure are just thoughts, not realities.

Thank you! It’s been an amazing 6 months. How do I recommend you to others?

– Jenn Hume

With Nina’s friendly, generous and unconditionally accepting manner, we worked together in what were some very challenging conversations. Together, we explored, unpacked and reinterpreted.

Working with Nina is a truly liberating experience: letting go of inhibiting, debilitating, restrictive and undermining beliefs. The future and your potential become, once again, wide open.

Nina shows you that your past and your understanding of it are not fixed. Your understanding is based on the person you once were or the person you were – there. Your current self in your current context, with all its maturity, expertise and experience makes new sense of what once was.

Working with her will stretch you out of your comfort zone. You have to come to grips with previous understandings, open yourself to new interpretations. There is no escape 😊 And once you confront the things most troubling you, you are, simply, liberated.

Nina shows you how to celebrate your successes, value what is wonderful and cherish the individuality of your life and see the door to your thoughts and feelings as a positive entry allowing you to embrace the future with excitement.

– Gerry McKeown

If anyone had told me in advance of working with Nina that it would be possible to get rid of a long held limiting belief in a 20 minute session, I’d have been very doubtful.

However, it’s perfectly true. I don’t know how she manages it, and it feels a little bit like Harry Potter magic, but I’ve worked with Nina over the last 6 months and it’s worked every time.

Some of these limiting beliefs were so well hidden I wasn’t even conscious of them. They’re certainly no longer there. As she got rid of one, there was often a knock on affect that some others just vanished without even working on them specifically.

One of the biggest results has been I now work 4 days instead of 5. I’m working much more productively which means I reward myself each week by having Fridays off.

My thinking is now very different to how it was six months ago, and I can catch myself if I slip in negative thinking and quickly change.

If there’s any area where you feel your thinking is holding you back, please do talk to Nina. It’s been a truly marvellous six months and I really can’t recommend her enough.

– Mary Waring

Nina Cooke is the mindset coach you want when you are working on your business. Her best quality as a coach is that she held space for for me and helped me come into my own. She helped me release my limiting beliefs and supported me 100%. She has helped me grow in leaps and bounds. Thank you Nina!

– Anjali Shekdar

Investing in coaching with Nina was of the best decisions I made this year. Sometimes what we need to move us forward is a boost of energy, a fresh way of looking at things and an opportunity to release those things from the past that are holding us back.

This is exactly what Nina provided me with. I was propelled to move forward. What I loved most about working with Nina is that she is very practical, logical, business-minded and she really understands people. Working with Nina has had a very positive impact on my business and has helped me to rediscover my mojo.

– Janet Milner-Walker

When I decided to work with Nina for 6 months, I knew that I had a series of limiting beliefs I wanted to uncover and challenge.

She does a masterful job of facilitating that process. Literally, without exception, we addressed and eliminated more than one issue with every meeting.

Freedom is the word that comes to mind resulting from her coaching guidance.

I am a psychologist in private practice and can recommend her skills without reservation. And, as a result of my work with Nina, I am more intuitive and effective in my practice.

This has been an expansive, in depth experience that has changed me in ways I am still discovering.

I encourage you to engage her services without hesitation and immediately- in this moment. Don’t wait for your best life. Do it NOW!

– Mike Gusak

Prior to working with Nina I knew that I was allowing my fears to hold me back, but I didn’t know how to go about sorting out a lifetime of self conditioning. The work highlighted that I’d been living my life by numerous restrictive rules that I’d set, based upon personal experiences.

Nina supported me in identifying and recognising where the rules no longer served me. I remember physically feeling the difference when I let go of my first rule – a weight definitely lifted.

I found the whole experience fascinating, especially identifying when I’d set rules (what seemed like trivial things that I’d put to the back of my mind, but they’d obviously had a strong impact at the time they occurred). As a result of working with Nina, I’m now focused on the right business model for me and I understand my own self worth.

I can feel the difference, my confidence has increased massively and I’ve finally taken control of my life. I thoroughly recommend working with Nina.

– Anne Butler

I found Nina’s Mastermind to be a lovely safe space to show up and share what’s really going on for me as a business owner. Nina is brilliant at spotting the limiting beliefs that hold us back and brings her significant experience to play as she helps unpick the thinking that prevents us from achieving all that we’re capable of. Knowing that I am the creator of my thoughts – and therefore my life – feels deeply empowering. Thank you Nina.

– Louise Miller

I highly recommend working 1:1 with Nina to let go of your limiting beliefs. In 2 sessions I have released 2 limiting beliefs that have both had a hold over me for more than 30 years. Thank you Nina for guiding me gently and expertly through the process.

Letting go of those ‘big fat lies’ I’d told myself has been so freeing. In the few days since our last session I’ve been approaching my work as a coach with greater energy and enthusiasm which is so empowering and has enabled me to take action much more easily. I have replaced those limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts (I love that expression!). I can now say with certainty that ‘I shine brightly’ and ‘I am worthy’; which feels amazing.

I know first hand how your business can stall and no amount of more information or training can get it moving again. The stuck is not in the business, it’s in the person. That’s where Nina comes in. Nina Cooke is a master at getting you unstuck.

– Kimberly Brenner

Before working with Nina, I felt stuck. The fear of humiliation, not being accepted and not being good enough plagued me for many years. During my time working with Nina, she extracted information from me that was buried deep. She took me through a process that allowed me to identify the root cause of my limiting beliefs. I am so thankful because her process considerably lessened my limiting beliefs.

As a result, my life has been positively impacted in many areas. Nina’s work is brilliant!

– Lisa Meisels

It was completely amazing working with Nina! I had an old story playing in my head that prevented me taking consistent action and owning my true value. After working with Nina, I feel lighter and 100% free to be me. I am experiencing more pleasure and joy – both in my business and in my personal life. I have been aware of new more positive thoughts. I am more focused and my creativity is on over drive. Thanks Nina!

– Cindy Holbrook

I loved working with you, Nina. The work that we did together was the most transformational of any work that I have done with anybody – ever. It went way beyond mere concepts, and answered the toughest question I have run across to date – how do I change my limiting beliefs?

The change that you facilitate is at such a deep level, and affected the ‘me’ that I am, to such a degree that I quickly ‘became’ the change that we created. It’s hard to explain but what that means is that the change seemed almost imperceptible at times, although I clearly felt calmer. Something happened yesterday that showed me how different I am at my core.

My child misbehaved in public, and I didn’t care. ‘My child’ is the organizational software I created for coaches. ‘In public’ was on a training call. I was showing my software users some new features in the software and it just started acting crazy. In the past I would have been mortified. I would have seen it as a reflection of me and who I am. But, this time, I just laughed and made that comment to my trainees – ‘my child is misbehaving in public’. I easily moved forward in the training – warts and all.

It wasn’t till later that I realized what a change that was. It was so nice to chuckle and move on, without another thought.

With that kind of freedom, I’m excited about how much fun and success I will be experiencing as I keep on stepping out to grow my business.

– Linda Flynt

I’ve tried lots of different therapies over the last 30 or 40 years. Working with Nina has given me the most effective and practical results I’ve ever experienced. It’s helped my business to grow, it’s actually made me money, it’s made me $9,000 so far, with the potential to make hundreds of thousands of dollars more because it’s made me much more effective at the work I do with my clients.

Those are the pragmatic results.

It’s much harder to put a price on the more rewarding and much easier inter-personal relationships I’m now having.

And on my feelings of relief, happiness and wellbeing – that’s priceless.

Nina has allowed my business and personal brand to achieve levels of success that I have never experienced before. She identifies the underlying factors, like my value system and self worth (including pricing around services) so that I can be free to serve my clients at the highest level.

I highly recommend her coaching for anyone who feels stuck on any aspect of their business and needs to go beneath the surface to identify and remove the real reasons causing them to struggle.

– Shadeeed Eleazer

My session with Nina was nothing short of amazing. A real shift took place in me during our session on some themes I’d already been working on for many, many years.

It’s still fresh, and the shift is still anchoring in my body and my mind, but I KNOW it’s real. I’ve experienced enough breakthroughs and deep inner transformation to know it when I feel it.

On top of delivering excellent work, Nina is also a real pleasure to work with: she’s kind, caring and fully present.

This session was a breathe of fresh air that opened up a space in me I knew existed, but that hadn’t fully opened yet. It has now. And I can’t wait to see how that plays out in my business and life.

Excited and happy!

Thank you so much, Nina!

– Brigitte van Tuijl

Nina’s process gets results. I’m planning to expand in a big way, and I know significant change always brings an opportunity to re-evaluate attitudes. So, I reached out. and In just one session, I discovered an unknown link hindering me from what I love to do the most. The way she paraphrased my belief and how we walked through my association with it sparked tremendous insight. The burden holding me back lifted in an instant. I’m more energized by my new, empowered view. Simply brilliant.

I highly recommend Nina if you want to uncover and breakthrough your limiting beliefs.

– Elizabeth Onyeabor

Nina is a great listener! She was able to pinpoint my limiting beliefs very quickly. When I am resistant, I need a reminder that what I am currently doing is no longer serving me. It’s time to make another choice. I found that working with Nina was a great choice to make.

– Patti Bowman

Before I started working with Nina, I felt confused and a bit disorientated. Nina helped me work through my issues around success and powerlessness. I couldn’t understand why, when I knew that things like mistakes and failure are a part of the learning process, I was still frightened of not doing things right.

Nina not only helped me to see why I was frightened but also helped me to eliminate the thoughts and feelings that I was using to encourage negativity. She helped me to create new positive beliefs that made me feel good and gave me confidence.

After working with Nina, I felt lighter, as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders.

Nina was encouraging and patient and I felt that I was in excellent hands. She has a lovely way of making you feel comfortable while she guides you through the process.

I would certainly recommend working with her.

– Rebecca Adams

I wouldn’t have been in the right space without your coaching and your Mastermind group. It really has given me the boost I needed to get started for real! (feel the fear – do it anyway). I feel so much more secure and confident in my ability to keep taking bold action – no matter what blocks get in the way.

– Tom Scoggins

Nina, when I first met you, I was drawn by your warmth, enthusiasm and passion. I knew you were the person I wanted to work with to help me with my limiting self beliefs.

You took me back to negative events I have carried around with me for over 59 years! Until my sessions with you, I thought I had dealt with this. I had grown up assuming I’m not important or deserving. Letting that emotion go is wonderful, and with the knowledge that I am important and I can get my needs met from within myself is a joyful and peaceful place to be.

In my second session with you it was good to focus on my issues of me feeling powerless. I have used the skills you taught me during this session with negative and needy family members, who have been a drain on my energy. I have created boundaries whilst still finding time to listen to woes, and sometimes angry and negative outbursts. I am still supporting them, but with positive strokes, which is so much easier now I realise I can withdraw at any time I want – their behaviour is not my issue. It’s very powerful knowing that I can protect my needs, without feeling guilty.

I’m really looking forward to my third session, to explore why I feel a fraud and have a fear of being found out. I’ve not been authentically me for years, so feel I am a fake. I often say “I don’t know the real me”. I have felt disconnected with the real me for as long as I can remember. I need to be authentic for my business. So this session is going to be truly revolutionary.

What a waste of energy – when in just a few hours, you have given me the tools I have been missing in my life for many years.

– Audrie Reed

I’m not very coachable. But with Nina, I felt “gotten”, truly understood.

She is your quintessential coach, she listened, summarized and then “bam” delivered that golden nugget, revealing me to myself. I heard something that I never would have thought was one of my gifts, where I could be of service. And Nina Cooke was able to lead me to that.

– Kimberly Brenner

I was having trouble being able to move forward in my business, mainly through lack of confidence. I approached Nina to see if she could help me.

Nina uncovered several limiting beliefs, that I didn’t even know I had. Together we worked through, and the transformation was nothing short of miraculous! I’m now moving ahead with a newly found confidence, and I know I’ll be able to achieve my business goals at last.

Nina has a unique way of extracting negative beliefs and bringing them into the conscious mind. She then uses an incredibly effective process to wipe those beliefs from the mind permanently. It’s almost as if they never existed.

I highly recommend Nina for anyone who feels stuck, or is encountering problems, both in their business and in their personal life.

– Wendy Owen Author and Natural Health Therapist

I have just had a second session with Nina Cooke and I am again quite amazed at the depth and breadth that her work is able to go to. The most astonishing thing is how what seemed like an insurmountable and inexplicable belief loses its power right back to its root leaving me with a sense of confidence and calmness about issues in my life that I just couldn’t seem to find my way around.

After my first session with Nina I noticed a marked change in my own confidence and my sense of claiming the future I have wanted for a long time and I also noticed a change in my confidence in my relationships with family, friends and colleagues. In short while I have become far less of a people pleaser which funnily enough is allowing me to be stronger and more supportive for the people I care about.

I am very much looking forward to working with Nina further particularly around my business and career as I can now clearly see just how certain beliefs have been holding me back and with all the will in the world it works far better to get help from someone else than attempt to fix your own stuff yourself! Thank you Nina, I love your work.

– Victoria Comiskey

I can say with certainty that the ‘tools’ you gave me have been helpful and improved my quality of life. You used your skills to decide what would be most useful to me, which has proved to be the case so far.

I am more objective when I do have a discussion and more assertive than argumentative.

– Sue

I have to say that I gained an awful lot of insight into myself and my family from your sessions, particularly as far as my Mum is concerned. I’m really pleased to tell you that my relationship with her has improved a great deal recently and I put this down to my being able to establish clear boundaries with her and not feeling guilty about that. Also, I think I understand her much better and can therefore allow for anything she does (or doesn’t do) and not get upset by it because I realise it’s not about me! I really feel like all the anger and frustration I had has melted away and left room for a much healthier and respectful relationship.

I am now back to work and although I know this year is going to be a challenge I have the confidence in myself not to allow or accept poor behaviour from people there or in any part of my life! I will continue to remember to look at what the root cause of people’s behaviour is if I am finding it difficult and I know it will always go back to being about them and not me. Although I knew a bit about this before we met, it has still been a huge learning curve to actually implement it in my life.

I am looking now to join an art group in SW or start a course in the creative field, I know this is the final step in really fulfilling my goals in life and I fully intend to do this as soon as I find something suitable.

Thank you so very much again.

– Marie

Another testimonial for testimonial page: After our first session, I was not aware that I could have so much weight lifted off of my chest. I feel so much lighter and sharper. You’ve made a huge difference for me. I really needed this and have never had such a positive coaching experience. Thank you

– Bill Schraer

Nina is totally awesome. She is very effective at shifting your perspective about life and the people within it. Nina is very patient, understanding and makes you feel safe during her sessions. I can’t wait to work with her again.

– Pamela Bartee

When I first worked with Nina, I was struggling with a number of other of things, including organizing my physical spaces around my home and home office, as well as feeling overwhelmed in stressful situations. I also had limiting beliefs regarding money which were stopping me from achieving my goals.

In every case, the process that I went through working with Nina was extremely beneficial because she helped me reach back into my past to uncover blocks that were keeping me from achieving my goals. And now that I’ve removed many of my limiting beliefs, I’m much further along with all of my goals. I can already see a number of positive changes in how I work with my clients, how I relate to my family and how I conduct myself in everyday life, especially with regard to my consulting business.

– Andrew J.

When I met Nina I had significant blocks around my relationship with my Father. Even today, I felt like I was still trying to get attention. Nina helped me release those blocks. Now I am stronger, more confident, and professional. I no longer need the outside validation to know I am still a good person. Thank you, Nina.

– Robin Thiele ( Time to Prosper Coaching and Training )

I worked with Nina on my limiting beliefs. If you have (or think you have) any sort of limiting beliefs stopping you from growing your business, call her and start breaking through them and unleashing the unstoppable you. Just do it!

I felt at peace all along the process. My performance at work has soared from 10-100 (results backed, but I wouldn’t go in detail here), and I can’t wait to keep making all my plans a reality.

Thank you Nina, you made a huge difference in my life!

– Maria J Martin Raso

Hi Nina,

I just wanted to thank you again for our session. It was amazing. I really think that making even the one breakthrough was very powerful for me.

I have been working with a business coach for 4 months and had made no progress, and all of a sudden, bam, I have finally created my video that I had been putting off, and I set a date for launching my online summit, and I got the technology support I needed. Thanks again.

– Angela Quinty

Nina’s coaching delivers BIG results. She helped me eliminate limiting beliefs and opened my thinking so I could envision myself and my business in a much bigger way. Being in her mastermind has been transformational.

– Maritess Bott


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