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In the last two weeks alone, I have brought $100,000 on board, and I have more in the pipeline

Nina helped me to to stop procrastinating around reaching out to prospects and focus on doing the revenue generating activities that make all the difference.

– James Miller, Mamedicaid


I’ve grown my income by 800% in just 3 years

After working with Nina my blocks around earning more money, I started seeing a big change in my income. I’ve grown my income by 800% in just 3 years.

-Rob Goyette, RobGoyette.com


My revenue has tripled

I’m not talking about leads, prospects or appointments. I’m talking about cash. And you can’t argue with numbers.

– Alinka Rutkowska, AuthorRemake.com


I have made more money than ever before

Money comes to me all the time. new clients come to me all the time.

– Margie Beiswanger TransformYourBrilliance.com


Last year we almost doubled our income.

My income improved without my having to work harder. This year we’re on track to do even better and it just gets easier and easier too.

– Val Heart, ValHeart.com


I had my first multiple six-figure year

I had my first multiple six-figure year in business, brought on a team and a business partner, grew tremendously and raised my rates.

– Janelle Holden, JanelleHolden.com


I increased revenue by 25%

Nina and I worked across a range of areas, from business strategy through to mindset work.
I increased revenue by 25% .

– Janine Scott, TheGapCollective


I created an additional $36k in my business

Within 30 days, not only was I able to ask for my higher price and get it, I also signed up 3 new clients, creating an additional $36k in my business.

– Susan Epstein www.HighlyProfitablePractice.com


I made $21,000 in new sales in 3 days

Nina helped me clear tons of blocks I had around money… it was surprisingly easy. I made $21,000 in new sales. Yep, $21K in 3 Days!

– Jenn Mayers www.JennMayers.com

Patrick Storth

I’m setting myself up for more success in sales calls

Our work together has created more confidence than I’ve previously experienced, and the result is me being unbelievably more assured of myself when I get someone on the phone.

– Patrick Stroth, Rubicon Insurance Services


I know my business is going to flourish for many years to come

Nina has really helped me to have this wonderful way of being able show up for my clients. It’s been a fantastic journey to work with Nina and I thank her, and I know my business is going to flourish for many years to come.

– Maritess Bott, Bott & Associates, Ltd