Attention financial advisors who want bigger profits and a more fulfilling practice…without working harder:

If you’re struggling to attract clients who will let you manage ALL their money…failing to raise your fees…procrastinating  about prospecting for new business…


Dear Financial Advisor,

If you’re failing to achieve your goals in business, let me shed a little light as to why that may be.

You can invest as much time and money as you like into new strategies, implementing new processes, or hiring additional staff.

None of that is going to get you to your goals if you lack one key element.

A peak performance mindset.

You may be doing a lot of things well in your practice. You may have efficient marketing processes, be good at closing sales, or have a robust team supporting you.

But if you’re missing this one key element, a peak performance mindset, then all the other stuff will have a limited impact. You still won’t achieve your fullest potential.

All top performers in business know this.

Let me ask you this:

What’s the difference between very successful financial advisors with large profits and those who barely cover their overhead?

It has nothing to do with smarts.

We both know this.

I’ve worked with many successful advisors who have enjoyed huge success because they developed an unstoppable mindset, and that set them apart from the field.

In my experience, very successful advisors share three qualities:

  • Extreme confidence
  • Dogged perseverance
  • The ability to implement

What enables them to have these qualities?

They all have a Peak Performance Mindset.

Having the right mindset will help you to build a practice that you’ve always wanted.

You may be thinking, “I don’t want this mindset stuff. I don’t need it. My mindset is fine.”

Well, if it was fine, why don’t you have the results you want?

You may not think you need any mindset training, but what I’m about to share with you is something top performers do all the time.

And even if you’re enjoying your level of success, it can get better. In business and in life.

You’re the leader of your advisory business, and your business will achieve its ultimate success only when you have a Peak Performance Mindset.

Otherwise, you’ll keep spinning your same tired wheels, getting nowhere.

There is a cost to not having a Peak Performance Mindset:

  • Leaving money on the table by not charging the proper price for your services
  • Wasting precious time and energy chasing prospects that aren’t ideal
  • Watching competitors race ahead of you while you wonder what magic they have that you don’t

Ultimately, you aren’t building your dream business.

Perhaps like you, I have all the self-help and motivational books: Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Earll Nightingale, Joseph Murphy.

I still re-read them today, but I recognized reading wasn’t enough. I needed to find someone who could help me keep my mindset at its peak level at all times.

I tried lots of different mindset strategies that just skimmed the surface and gave me a temporary fix.

That’s  why I created a process to dissolve the root causes, ie. the Limiting Beliefs, that were stopping me from skyrocketing my success.

I’ve shown many financial advisors how to use my system to overcome the self-limiting beliefs that hold them back in life.

I’ve proven this system works and I want to prove it to you, too.

I’m very excited to announce to you what I think will be THE most important training I will ever offer:
Renegade Mindset.


The Renegade Mindset in 30 Days! Implementable Program enables you to achieve a
Peak Performance Mindset

This special 30-day training shows you how to rewire your brain so you stop holding back and playing small.

You’ll create a new, empowering mindset to intentionally take you directly to your goals, take big action consistently, and build resilience to help you keep going when times get tough.

You may not have done personal development work before. You may even think you don’t need it.

But your mindset is the most important part of your success.

Moving from a mindset of “I can’t have what I want” to “I absolutely can have what I want” will give you the elusive breakthrough you’re seeking.

When you get the Renegade Mindset System, you’ll get the key to:

  • Having the confidence to charge higher planning fees because you know you offer tremendous value
  • Asking clients to manage all their money knowing you provide the best service in your niche
  • Being able to tell clients “No” or even fire them, because you’re committed to working with your ideal clients
  • Building a pipeline of qualified leads through consistent focus and implemention
  • Being resilient when setbacks occur, and quickly getting back on track
  • Creating a super profitable practice without working harder…and enjoying a lifestyle you love

7 Day Guarantee: Dave and I don’t believe in buyer’s remorse. So if within 7 days you aren’t 100% satisfied and moving toward Peak Performance Mindset, I will refund you 100% with no questions asked.

– Nina Cooke and Dave Dee

PS: Check out below what some of my clients have to say…

Nina has helped hundreds of professionals achieve their goals. Here’s what a few of her clients had to say:

I’ve grown my income by 800% in just 3 years. Thank You Nina!

It was only after having a session with Nina to clear my blocks around earning more money that I started seeing a big change in my income. That very next month, I earned twice what I’d earned in any month prior to that. And the month after that, I increased my record month by another whopping 30%. In January of 2020, I hired Nina to coach me for an entire year and had my first 7-figure year thanks to her mindset coaching! I’ve grown my income by 800% in just 3 years. Thank You Nina!”

Rob Goyette

Our work together has created more confidence than I’ve previously experienced, and the result is me being unbelievably more assured of myself when I do get someone on the phone.

“After applying what I’ve learned over the past couple of sessions, I can’t believe the results I’m seeing with my own eyes!

First, I’m no longer feeling uncomfortable or intimidated and “inferior” reaching out to Private Equity contacts. With my new mindset, I can feel the increase in my confidence in my voice when I speak with them.

Next, I’m setting myself up for more success in sales calls. Our work together has created more confidence than I’ve previously experienced, and the result is me being unbelievably more assured of myself when I do get someone on the phone.

Patrick Stroth

Since we had the coaching sessions and worked on some blocks I had no idea I even had, my revenue tripled.

Since we had the coaching sessions and worked on some blocks I had no idea I even had, my revenue tripled.

I didn’t consider myself to be someone with any blocks but I thought, since this person I look up to consults with Nina, why not give it a try.

I did.

And OMG, the results were remarkable!

Since we did the session and worked on some blocks I had no idea I even had, my revenue tripled.

I’m not talking about leads, prospects or appointments. I’m talking about cash. And you can’t argue with numbers.”

Alinka Rutkowska

I had my first multiple six-figure year in business.

Before working with Nina, I was struggling with the decision to step up and take a risk in my business or play it safe. What I didn’t realize is that I had a lot of unseen mindset blocks that were keeping me from earning more money and playing big.

While working with Nina, we uncovered the money blocks that I was unable to see on my own, and cleared many limiting beliefs that were holding me back. As a result, I had my first multiple six-figure year in business, brought on a team and a business partner, grew tremendously and raised my rates.

Plus, I finally felt like I had put my money story behind me and could freely and clearly move forward into a new place without fear. Nina is a genius at helping people see what’s really been holding them back from abundance, and then clearing it together. I highly recommend working with her!”

Janelle Holden

Since working with Nina, I have made more money than ever before.

Since working with Nina, I have made more money than ever before. Money comes to me all the time. New clients come to me all the time.  Nina has unlocked something in me.

When she helps you get to the root of something, there is no effort.  I have tried so many things. I’ve even been trained in money limiting beliefs and not been able to get to the bottom of them for myself.

I am literally a different person. Money comes to me and I don’t have to work for it.”

 Margie Beiswanger

I’m working much more productively which means I reward myself each week by having Fridays off.

If anyone had told me in advance of working with Nina that it would be possible to get rid of a long held limiting beliefs, I’d have been very doubtful.

However, it’s perfectly true. I don’t know how she manages it, and it feels a little bit like Harry Potter magic.

One of the biggest results has been I now work 4 days instead of 5. I’m working much more productively which means I reward myself each week by having Fridays off.

If there’s any area where you feel your thinking is holding you back, please do talk to Nina. I really can’t recommend her enough.”

Mary Waring

Meet Your Coach

Nina Cooke helps coaches, consultants and service-based experts to build authority and boost their profit by creating an unstoppable mindset.

Nina has worked with 100s of established entrepreneurs, helping them to increase their income by up to 800%.

The host of “Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast, she has interviewed world-class entrepreneurs and best-selling authors.

She’s been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, on BBC Radio, and on top podcasts.

Nina Cooke

Questions? I’ve got answers!

I don’t have enough time for mindset work, I’m too busy working on strategies.

You’re probably doing a lot of “busy” work that isn’t bringing in new clients because you have mindset blocks around having all the success you want. Once you permanently dissolve those blocks, watch your business transform as you start to increase your income and grow your impact.

I’m already booked into too many programs, will there be a conflict?

Many of my clients work with other coaches at the same time. The mindset work they do with me enhances the results of all their other programs as they become big vision thinkers who consistently implement, so there is no conflict.

My plate is already pretty full – is there lots of homework?

The great thing about working with me is all the mindset work is done in the training sessions. At the end of every training module, you’ll feel motivated to do the profit-generating activities which, up to now, you’ve resisted doing. After dissolving that resistance, you’ll find it easy to take consistent, focused action. The joy of doing the inner and outer work side-by-side will drive big, continuous growth in your business.

Why is the Renegade Mindset implementation program 30 days long?

Data shows it takes 30 days to create a new life-long habit. Once you start taking daily focused action to grow your business, you’ll see results which will give you the motivation to keep going.

What happens at the end of the 30-day Renegade Mindset program?

As you go through this implementation program, you’ll develop new mindset skills and implementation habits that you’ll be able to apply throughout the lifetime of your business. If, as you continue to grow, you want additional mindset support, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered for that as well!

What if I have another question before I sign up?

If you have a question about the Renegade Mindset in 30 Days! implementation program that I haven’t answered here, please email me at, and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

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