Create a Peak Performance Mindset for Bigger Profits, with Less Stress.

This book will help you to:

icon Create...

A thriving practice that frees you up to have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

icon Develop...

A limitless mindset that enables you to play BIG and become a leading authority in your field of expertise.

icon Identify...

Limiting beliefs that are holding you back from becoming a peak performer so you can charge higher fees.

icon Build...

A top-performing team who cares of growing
your profits, allowing you to spend more time
away from your practice.

This book is Think and Growth Rich for financial advisors. I wish I had read it 30 years ago.

– Kevin Wray
Wray Financial Services

Nina Cooke and I have know each other for years and her work is amazing. In this book you have both the background and experience of Dan and Nina together. As a CLU and CFP(R) since 1989, I know what works and what doesn’t, and what Dan and Nina tell you to do will work for you… if you work it.

– Rennie Gabriel
Award winning, best-selling author of Wealth On Any Income

Get your Renegade Mindset On! Set course with Nina and Dan’s book to discover the essential elements needed for getting what you want in your advisory business and in life as well.

Extremely helpful advice from Mindset Coach Nina Cooke and Dan Cuprill, a CFP who developed the Advisor Architect program – the ultimate business model for financial advisors.

If you’re seeking actionable and more importantly implementable ideas for your advisory business, read Renegade Mindset NOW!

– Jim Eckel
Founder of

When Nina asked me to review her book, my first thought was that this was just going to be another book trying to convince me to buy her services.  But I was impressed.  It mirrored some of my own thoughts that we control our own destiny IF we have the right mindset.  But I never learned how to change my mindset or attitude.

Nina and Dan not only give you the reasons to change your mindset but most importantly give you the tools within the book.  No magic but a logical step-by-step way to change the way you think so that you can have a richer life.

I highly recommend that you read this book – it could be YOUR game changer!

– Jeff Prager
Co-founder of The CFO Project

This book will help you to:

  • Develop an unstoppable mindset to hit your profit goals.
  • Work with higher fee clients, build your practice and create a high-performing team. 
  • Become a consistent action-taker to swiftly implement our recommendations to up-level your mindset. 
  • Expand and embrace your vision of what is truly possible for you to achieve… far greater happiness and success… the ease and freedom you’ve been seeking all along.

About Nina and Dan

Nina Cooke

Nina Cooke helps successful financial advisor experts to build authority and boost their profit by creating an unstoppable mindset.

She has worked with hundreds of established entrepreneurs, helping them to increase their profits by up to 800%.

The host of “Entrepreneur’s Inner Game” podcast, she has interviewed world-class entrepreneurs and best-selling authors.

She’s been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, on BBC Radio, and on a number of top podcasts.

To find out more about how to create an unstoppable mindset for financial and time freedom without working harder, go to

Dan Cuprill

Dan Cuprill is a Certified Financial Planner ™ and the senior partner of Money & Clarity, a fee-based financial advisory firm in Cincinnati, OH. Having built his firm utilizing a series profit-based systems, Dan now lives 300 miles away from his office. This approach has enabled him to work on his business, rather than in it, fulfilling his personal definition of entrepreneurship.

After receiving many requests from other financial advisors to share his business model, he created Advisor Architect, LLC. To learn more about how to transition from a sales office to the owner of a major profit center while freeing yourself up from working in your businesses, go to

This book is for you if you want…

  • The success you’ve always dreamed of, but have been frustrated because you have not achieved the same level of success as other financial advisors who lack your level of skill and dedication.


  • To charge more for your work, but you’ve struggled with increasing your fees. This book will show you how to charge for your planning work, raise your fees, and say “No” to prospects who don’t fit your ideal client avatar.


  • Finally achieve your goals, even if you’ve found yourself setting the same goal every year and barely moving the needle toward achieving it.


  • Get more done and conquer procrastination. Do you find yourself never getting around to implementing great ideas? This book will show you how to stop thinking (wishing) and start doing.


  • Fulfill your greatest dreams and achieve the ultimate balance in your life between work, family, faith, community, and good health.


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