Why don’t you have MORE?

More success…More clients…More income…

More impact?

I hear it from clients all the time:

“I’m tired of being held back. Tired of feeling stuck. Why can’t I seem to achieve the SUCCESS everyone else has?”

Portrait of a woman at desk with laptop, hand at forehead
Portrait of a woman at desk with laptop, hand at forehead

Do you struggle to bring in consistent income?

Do you need more paying clients?

Are you constantly doubting your business decisions?

Do you know you could be earning so much more, but you’re just not sure how?

Do you struggle with putting yourself out into the world because you’re afraid of failing (or even afraid of succeeding)?

What if I told you that you can have a thriving business and lifestyle you love…without the struggle?

What if I told you there was a way to shift your mindset… with the support of an amazing community that can help you…






to create the profitable business you’ve always dreamed of having?

You can!

All this and more is possible for you.

If you’re ready to stop seeing yourself as a lower level business owner who will never hit their goals…and start acting courageously to achieve your big, exciting vision…then I invite you to join Your Magnificent Success Mastermind.

Is this Mastermind right for you?

YES, if you’re ready to achieve your business goals in 2022.

I created this Mastermind to help service-based entrepreneurs, like you, book more clients and increase their income. Not by working harder, but by dissolving the mind blocks that are holding them back from creating the business and life they desire.

YES, if you are ready to create an Unstoppable Mindset.

So many entrepreneurs never reach their true potential because they are weighed down and held back by their own mind clutter.  I will teach you how to create a Success Mindset and develop a daily practice so you can continue to attract growing success.

Isn’t it time for you to clear out the mind clutter that is stopping you from achieving your goals?

It’s time for…

Your Magnificent Success Mastermind!

  • Identify and dissolve your money blocks to book more clients and increase your income.
  • No more worrying about running out of money or where your next paying client will come from.
Portrait of a woman at desk with laptop, hand at forehead
Portrait of a woman at desk with laptop, hand at forehead
  • Stop procrastinating and start taking consistent action to bring in a flow of clients.
  • Start creating your business and life with intention and excitement.
  • Play a much bigger game and have a greater impact.
  • Clear out your negative mind clutter and feel your growing confidence flow through your business.
  • Increase your happiness, energy, and motivation to create a business you love.
  • Watch your sales and revenue increase by leaps and bounds as you dissolve limiting belief after limiting belief.
  • Create the success you dream of… more clients, more income, more impact!
Portrait of a woman at desk with laptop, hand at forehead


This is the best mastermind group I’ve ever been part of!

“The camaraderie and support of the group is wonderful. The monthly expert calls are excellent. But the real treasure is the hot-seat coaching Nina offers us. Wow! No matter who steps up to be coached, by doing the work alongside them, I have benefitted so much.

I’m in such a different place and have dissolved so many limiting beliefs in just a few short months of membership.

This is the best mastermind group I’ve ever been part of!

I highly recommend taking advantage of any opportunity to join the group.”

– Margie Beiswanger, transformyourbrilliance.com

Your Magnificent Success Mastermind!

So You Can Get More Clients, Make More Money, and Have a Bigger Impact

What you get as a member of the mastermind:


Two x 90-minute Mindset Mastery calls per month.

Each call includes mindset training and hot-seat coaching so you can learn from other business owners as well as me.


  • Uncover your deepest limiting beliefs that are stopping you from creating the income and lifestyle you want.
  • Dissolve the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Replace those old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs that will free you up to create a much bigger vision and believe it’s possible for you.


One live 90-minute Marketing Expert workshop each month.

You’ll learn from some of the top marketing experts on a variety of topics that will help you extend your reach and grow your business. 


Three x 60-minute Power Hour Calls each month where you work on your business and implement strategies in a supportive, accountable setting.


Small group format with plenty of hot-seat coaching and individual attention.

Unlimited support from a group of business owners working together to ensure everyone’s success.


Each call covers a specific challenge that entrepreneurs constantly face so you have the freedom to listen to the calls that suit you best.

Plus you have access to a substantial training library of Mindset Mastery and Marketing Expert calls.


Accountability in our private Facebook group to keep you on track and moving forward.


One 45-minute Private Call with me when you enroll to identify and dissolve your strongest limiting belief, so you can hit the ground running.  


This mastermind has given me the boost i needed to get started - for real

“I wouldn’t have been in the right space without your coaching and your Mastermind group.

It really has given me the boost I needed to get started for real! (feel the fear – do it anyway).

I feel so much more secure and confident in my ability to keep taking bold action – no matter what blocks get in the way.”

– Tom Scoggins, tjs-analytics.co.uk

Your Magnificent Success Mastermind is for you if you are ready to…

  • Play a bigger game and create a vision that you believe you can achieve.
  • Get more clients and make more money.
  • Show up for your clients in a bigger way, confident you can help them get the results they want.
  • Share your gifts and expertise with a wider audience who love what you do.
  • Reach more people with your message and have a much greater impact.
  • Create the thriving business and lifestyle you dream of!


Nina is a magnificent mindset coach for business entrepreneurs

“Nina has a special way of quickly and effectively getting to the root of behaviors that are holding me back from the life I hope for.

Even though I may have thought of something as rational and logical about why I am not doing something in my business that would help me move forward, with a deeply caring and matter of fact way, she helps me see that my thinking is “ just a story” and I can change that.

I have taken part in her Laser Coaching and her Your Magnificent Success group coaching.

She fosters a high level of trust. Her honesty about her experiences draws me and others to share about our own experiences as well. And many times this leads to “Aha” moments and deep insights about things we do that are not serving us in our lives.

I am then able to remove my limiting beliefs so I can get out of my patterns of being stuck or procrastination.
Nina is a magnificent mindset coach for business entrepreneurs.”

– Celeste Sibolboro

You CAN get more clients, make more money, and have a bigger impact.

You get ALL of this when you become a member of the mastermind…

Let’s recap…

  • 24 Mindset Mastery Calls: 2 x live 90-minute group mindset calls with me every month
  • My proven process for dissolving your limiting beliefs
  • Rewire your brain to get more clients
  • Small group format with plenty of hot-seat coaching and individual attention
  • 18 Power Hours Calls: 3 x 60-minute power hour calls each month
  • Stop procrastinating and create a powerful habit of daily action-taking to grow you business
  • Take advantage of these powerful co-working sessions to create momentum and start increasing your income and impact
  • 12 x Marketing Expert Calls: 1 live 90-minute guest marketing expert call each month
  • Access to a substantial training library of Mindset Mastery and Marketing Expert calls
  • Accountability built-in to keep you on track, taking consistent action

BONUS: 45-minute Private Call with Nina when you enroll! (Value $500)


But you won’t pay anything close to that…

For a limited-time-only I’m offering a very special price point for you.


$1000 per month


$497 per month

Special 50% discount for limited time:

ONLY $247 per month

Save even more when you pre-pay for 1 year: only $2500


Nina guides you to transform your thinking and grow your business

“Nina provides a safe, supportive atmosphere as she guides you to transform your thinking so you improve your “inner game” and give yourself permission to grow your business and enjoy life!”

– K.G.   Rocket 2 Freedom Consulting

Meet Your Mindset Mastery Coach

Nina Cooke helps 6 and 7 figure coaches, consultants and service-based experts to build authority and boost their profit by creating an unstoppable mindset.

Nina has worked with 100s of established entrepreneurs, helping them to increase their income by up to 800%.

She is the co-author of Renegade Mindset: A Financial Advisor’s Guide to a Peak Performance Mindset.

The host of “Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast, she has interviewed world-class entrepreneurs and best-selling authors.

She’s been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, on BBC Radio, and on top podcasts.

Nina Cooke

Questions? I’ve got answers!

Who is the Magnificent Success Mastermind for?

Your Magnificent Success Mastermind is for you whether you are new to business, or already have an established business.

I created it to help all service-based entrepreneurs who want to book more clients, and increase their income without working harder.

How do I know this will work for me?

I can’t give you a 100% guarantee that this will work for you. No one can. But I can guarantee that you will experience deep mindset shifts about what is possible for your if:

  • You make a commitment to yourself that you will make 2022 your best year ever. I will help you with the rest.

  • You show up to the live sessions (and if you miss a session, no problem, you can watch the replay) and implement all the mindset training to remove blocks, think bigger, and take bigger action than you have to date.

  • You attend the 3 per month Power Hour calls to work on your business so you experience consistent forward momentum. 

  • You support others, and step forward to be supported on the live calls.

What if I’m already working with another coach?

No problem. Many of my clients are working with a business or other coach while they work with me. They tell me that their work with me enhances their results. This is because, when you create an unstoppable mindset, you’ll be able to better implement what your coach is asking you to do.

What are some of the topics we’ll discuss?

We will focus on the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face around growing their business:
  • Money blocks including raising their fees
  • Fear of marketing themselves and their services
  • Procrastination that keeps them stuck in a rut
  • Overwhelm – don’t know what you should be working on to get the best results as quickly as possible
  • Fear of sales calls because they fear rejection and don’t value themselves

Will there be individual attention from you?

Oh yes. There’s lots of time and opportunities for hot seat coaching to work on your unique challenges in our Mastermind calls.

The great thing about this Mastermind is that you have the safe space to express your deepest fears and be vulnerable. You can take off your mask and be yourself.

You will receive 100% support not just from me but from everyone else on the call. You will soon realise you are not the only one experiencing your challenges!

When are the monthly mindset calls?

The 2 x 90-minute “deep dive” Mindset Mastery calls are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 8am PT/ 11am ET/ 4pm UK.

When are the Power Hour calls?

The 3 x “Work on you Business” Power Hour Calls are on the first 3 Tuesdays of the month at 8.30am PT/ 11.30am ET/ 4.30pm UK.

What if I have to miss a call?

We love having you live on the calls so you can get all the support you need.

It’s no problem if you miss a call because they’re all recorded and kept in the membership site so you can listen to them anytime.

There’s a big archive of calls addressing the challenges entrepreneurs face so you can easily find the ones that resonate with you!

I’m just starting out, is this a good fit for me?

This is the perfect time to join the Magnificent Success Mastermind because you will hit the ground running, creating a “I can do and have what I desire” mindset which will help you to build a profitable business you love.

I don’t have enough time for mindset work, I’m too busy working on strategies.

The great thing about mindset work is it complements all strategies and enhances their results.

My clients often tell me they get a bigger ROI on their strategies because they’ve got a success-driven mindset which easily overcomes challenges.

I’m already booked into too many programs, will there be a conflict?

There won’t be a conflict because working on your mindset will provide you with a level of clarity you may never have experienced before.

This will help you to determine which programs are going to be the right ones for you to focus on to create significant momentum in your business. 

What if I have another question before I sign up?

If you have a question about the training that I didn’t answer here, you are welcome to email me (nina@ninacooke.co.uk). I’ll respond within 24 hours.


$1000 per month


$497 per month

Special 50% discount for limited time:

ONLY $247 per month

Save even more when you pre-pay for 1 year: only $2500


Nina is brilliant at spotting the limiting beliefs that hold us back

I found Nina’s Mastermind to be a lovely safe space to show up and share what’s really going on for me as a business owner.

Nina is brilliant at spotting the limiting beliefs that hold us back and brings her significant experience to play as she helps unpick the thinking that prevents us from achieving all that we’re capable of.

Knowing that I am the creator of my thoughts – and therefore my life – feels deeply empowering. Thank you, Nina.

– Louise Miller, www.BettylouOnline.com

nina @ ninacooke.co.uk

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