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Live Interview with

Nina Cooke and Carl Utter

Overcome Calls Reluctance To Sign Up More Clients



  • Monday, 10th October
  • 8am PT/ 11am ET/ 4pm UK time
nina cooke
Carl Utter


Listen in to this interview between Carl and Nina about the fears that many business owners feel about calling and talking to potential clients and the impact this is having on their sales and business.

We’ll also make sure we allow time to answer your questions.

Will it be recorded?

Yes it will! If you can’t join us live just sign up below and I’ll make sure you get a copy of the recording.

We’ll be chatting about:

  • What’s really holding you back from having more powerful and authentic sales conversations
  • The internal conflict of feeling you don’t offer enough value while wanting to appear confident and full of self-belief on the call
  • When you worry about saying your price because, deep down, you don’t believe you’re worth that much
  • The worry about being salesy and pushy, caused by the money programming you’re unconsciously running which is stopping you from booking in more clients
  • Why you’re focusing in the wrong direction during your sales calls (and how to turn your focus in the right direction)
  • The most important part: how your fears of criticism and rejection are sabotaging your calls and what you can do to start overcoming these fears
Nina Cooke

About Nina

Nina Cooke helps business owners and experts whose business has plateaued, to increase their income by changing their thinking.

Nina has worked with hundreds of stuck and frustrated clients to bring them to the point where they’ve mastered their mindset so that doubling their business becomes an effortless and automatic response due to their confident and courageous new thinking.

Nina does this by showing them how to remove their fears and self-doubt so they can take the big action to create the business income and freedom they want.