Fearless Marketing

in 30 Days!

So You Can Get More Clients, Make More Money, and Have a Bigger Impact

Even if you don’t like marketing, and have tried to break through your marketing resistance before.

Do you have any of these marketing fears?

“I’m scared of implementing my ideas. I worry about what people will think…”

“It’s not safe to be noticed…”

“I know I’m significanlty underperforming. I’m capable of so much more! Why does it take so long to get results?”

“People won’t like me if I’m in the spotlight. They’ll think I’ve got a big ego…”

“I get so worried about the outcome that I can’t get started…”

“I’m not really confident that I’m an expert bringing value…”

You aren’t alone.


Many entrepreneurs have the same fears.

As a result you’re not doing enough (or any) marketing…

Portrait of a woman at desk with laptop, hand at forehead
  • You’re not putting yourself out there 
  • You don’t have enough clients.
  • You take some marketing action, but you’re not consistent
  • As a result, your income is hit-and-miss

Here’s the truth:

Marketing doesn’t have to be fancy. It just requires consistent action.

However you won’t take that action if your mindset blocks keep getting in the way.

You know you need to work on your mindset to overcome your marketing fears.

But the other mindset work you’ve done only gives you temporary relief.

Here’s why:

Most mindset work skims the surface.

To permanently overcome your mindset blocks, you need to go deeper.

And identify and dissolve the core beliefs that are stopping you from fearlessly marketing yourself.

Then plant new empowering beliefs to become a consistent Fearless Marketer. 

I’m going to show you how to permanently dissolve your marketing mindset blocks so you can go from hating         marketing to fearless marketing                in just 30 days!


Praise for Fearless Marketing in 30 Days

I appreciate your training and emphasis on the ‘inner game’ mindset habits.

Your approach motivated me to implement. This course is all about daily hands-on implementation and I greatly benefited from this approach. That’s crucial for me.

Nina’s compassion and insight are outstanding for dissolving our limiting beliefs.

– Lucinda Sykes

Praise for Fearless Marketing in 30 Days

“I couldn’t be happier. I’m applying the mindset work from the training in combination with slashing out everything that’s not a revenue-producing activity and it’s working.

I have accomplished more in the past month than I have in a year.

And here’s the proof:

  • I’ve built the website I’ve been procrastinating building for a year.
  • I’ve built the landing page funnel I’ve been procrastinating building for months.
  • I’ve created the lead magnet I haven’t been able to finish for eons.
  • And I’m running new FB ad tests.”

– Ben Simerly

Praise for Fearless Marketing in 30 Days

“This course and Nina’s expertise helped me uncover limiting beliefs that I hadn’t known were holding me back and release them.

I’ve already taken more action toward my goals today than I have in weeks. I came home from my day job and got straight to work putting together announcement emails about a new coaching program I’m offering. If not for Nina’s course, I would STILL not have taken this step.”

– Karyn Dolan


Fearless Marketing in 30 Days!

So You Can Get More Clients, Make More Money, and Have a Bigger Impact

…Even if you hate marketing!

Here’s how I’m going to help you to become a Fearless Marketer


Dream BIG 

  • Discover what success look like for your business by identifying your ‘Big Why’ so you stay motivated and consistent

  • Using my “Choose a Marking Strategy Checklist”, identify a specific marketing strategy that you will implement during this 30-day implementation program.
  • Set a specific goal for your marketing strategy for your chosen marketing strategy so you stay focused and consistent.


Result: You’ll have clarity on your goal and identify the marketing strategy you will implement in this 30-day implementation program. 


Permanently dissolve your marketing mindset blocks 

  • Identify your the root cause of your marketing resistance to create transformational change
  • Permenantly delete your marketing blocks by dissolving the limiting beliefs underpinning them

  • Plant new empowering beliefs to give you the critical momentum to become a fearless marketer

    Result: You can take permantently dissolve your marekting blocks to start marketing fearlessly to get new clients.

    BONUS: You’ll be able to take what you learn in this program and use it throughout the life of your business for any other mindset blocks that come up for you as you continue to grow.


    Implement and take inspired marketing action 

    • I’ll teach you proven mindset strategies to overcome marketing procrastination so you can create a life-long habit of action-taking in your business

    • Discover how to plan and schedule daily focused marketing implementation into your working life so you build up instoppable marketing momentum

    • Accountability to keep you on track, moving forward, and consistently taking action on your marketing.

    Result: Consistently take aligned  marketing action that brings you new clients. Watch your business transform as you start to increase your income and grow your impact. 

    Praise for Fearless Marketing in 30 Days

    I marketed a program to my list for the first time ever – which required getting over my fear they would unsubscribe or think I was “selling too much” to them. In-fact not a single person unsubscribed.

    Nina is an excellent mindset coach.”

    – Jackie Kelm


    Here’s what you get when you enroll in the Fearless Marketing 30-day Implementation Program


    4 step-by-step Training Videos ro help you dissolve your fears and become a Fearless Marketer.


    Lifetime access to all recordings, worksheets, and bonuses. Once you learn how to do this, you can do it over and over throughout the life of your business.


    Workbook and Worksheets. Stay focused to hit your 30-day goal with these value-laden success tools to help you implement as you go.



    Three check in videos from me each week to help you stay motivated, and on track to achieve your 30-day marketing goal.


    Private Facebook group where I’ll personally answer all your questions and give you an added level of support to achieve your 30-day goal. 


    PLUS Get these Special Bonuses when you Join!


    MASTERCLASS BONUS #1 – “Create your Daily Mindset Practice” Training

    Set yourself up for a productive day every day by creating your own Daily Mindset Practice…it will transform your life. (Value $300)


    BONUS – Top Productivity Hacks to boost your marketing activity.

    Pick your favourite from the tried and tested systems to maintain focused and consistent marketing action. (Value $100)


    BONUS – Choose a Marketing Strategy Checklist 

    I’ll show you how to choose the right marketing strategy for you to focus on in the next 30 days so you can create huge momentum and growth. Plus, you’ll get an easy step-by-step process to help you plan your marketing strategy and ensure you  successfully implement it. (Value $150)

    BONUS – 3 x “Market Yourself Fearlessly” Power Implementation Hours

    You’ll get three “Fearless Marketing Power Hour” calls where we’ll meet as a small group, so you’ll be able to implement your marketing strategy in a safe and supportive environment. This will help you stay accountable, focused and consistent with your marketing. (Value $500)

    BONUSPrivate “Dissolve a Marketing Block” Coaching Call

    You’ll get a private coaching call with me where I’ll personally help you to identify and permanently dissolve a Limiting Belief that’s been stopping you from Marketing. In this coaching call, you will ALSO create a new Empowering Belief to get you out there, fearlessly. (Value $500)


    MASTERCLASS ONLY BONUS #2 – Private “Set Yourself Up for Marketing Success” Coaching Call

    As soon as you join the program, you’ll get a Bonus Private Coaching call with me, where I’ll help you get set up for success. I’ll show you how to get the very most out of this implementation program so you can hit the ground running. ($500 value)

    You get ALL of this when you register…

    • 4 x Training Videos ($4k) 
    • “Fearless Marketing” Worksheets and Workbook, success tools ($150)
    • Motivational Check-in Videos, accountability ($250)
    • Private Facebook Group, support ($500)
    • Bonus 1: Top Productivity Hacks to boost your marketing activity ($100) 
    • Bonus 2: Choose a Marketing Strategy Checklist ($150)
    • Bonus 3: 3 x “Market Yourself Fearlessly” Power Hours, implementation ($500)
    • Bonus 4: Private “Dissolve a Marketing Block” Coaching Call ($500) 
    • MASTERCLASS BONUS #1 – “Create your Daily Mindset Practice” Training ($300)

    • MASTERCLASS ONLY BONUS #2 – Private “Set Yourself Up for Marketing Success” Coaching Call 



     Total Value: $6,950

    Praise for Fearless Marketing in 30 Days

    “Nina has an incredible gift.

    If you’re open to being brave and vulnerable, this course can help you let go of your old patterns that fail to even remotely serve you.

    Even (or especially) if you’re afraid of what might be on the ‘other side’ of your thinking – jump on the chance to take this training from her.”

    – Beth Pagano
    Client Clarifier



    NORMALLY $997

    Special Price for limited time:


    Meet Your Coach

    Nina Cooke helps coaches, consultants and service-based experts to build authority and boost their profit by creating an unstoppable mindset.

    Nina has worked with 100s of established entrepreneurs, helping them to increase their income by up to 800%.

    The host of “Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast, she has interviewed world-class entrepreneurs and best-selling authors.

    She’s been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, on BBC Radio, and on top podcasts.

    Nina Cooke

    Are you READY to become a FEARLESS MARKETER to get more clients, more income, more impact, and play a bigger game with less effort and stress?

    Questions? I’ve got answers!

    When are the Power Hour calls?

    I offer Power Hour calls regularly each month. Please email me for the current schedule of available calls once you have enrolled in the course.

    I’m just starting out, is this a good fit for me?

    This training is perfect for you if you have a marketing strategy that you know will help you to get more clients, but you just aren’t implementing it through fear of putting yourself out there.

    PLEASE NOTE: This training does not include guidance on how to determine your marketing strategy. It will help you overcome your fear of marketing so that you can implement whatever marketing strategy you have in mind for getting new clients and growing your business.

    I don’t have enough time for mindset work, I’m too busy working on strategies.

    Once you have a “getting yourself out there” mindset, you’ll be able to execute bolder profit-generating strategies much more effectively and quickly because you will be super focused, and far more productive. The power of your mindset is what drives the success of your strategies.

    I’m already booked into too many programs, will there be a conflict?

    Many of my clients work with other coaches at the same time. The mindset work they do with me enhances the results of all their other programs as they become big vision thinkers who consistently implement, so there is no conflict.

    My plate is already pretty full – is there lots of homework?

    The great thing about working with me is all the mindset work is done in the pre-recorded training sessions. At the end of every training module, you’ll set yourself client-generating homework which, up to now, you’ve resisted doing. After dissolving that resistance, you’ll find it easy to take big action. The joy of doing the inner and outer work side-by-side will drive huge growth in your business.

    What if I have another question before I sign up?

    If you have a question about the training that I didn’t answer here, you are welcome to email me. I’ll respond within 24 hours.