Eleanor Roosevelt Really Hit The Nail On The Head

Eleanor Roosevelt How did Eleanor Roosevelt hit the nail on the head?

Well, she said something so wise and true, that if we all lived our lives according to this, we would live fearlessly and with total freedom.

So what did she say?

Just this:

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Isn’t that just brilliant?

I wish someone had told me this when I was a young girl, completely intimidated by a family member.

I wish I’d known this because it would have saved me decades of playing small, being scared to speak out, and feeling I didn’t matter.

And another thing:

I felt inferior to most people… and this kept showing up in my life again and again, including in my business results.

I was always putting myself down, and beating myself up when I made a mistake. I dealt with it by putting up a tough exterior to pretend to the world that I was OK.

What I didn’t realise was this crucial truth:

That how other people treat you is a reflection of how you think about yourself.

And this 100% applies to your business.

Comparing yourself to others and playing small is having a HUGE impact on your results.

If you think you’re worthless and don’t deserve more money and success, your prospects will pick up on your energy.

And now for the good news.

There is a way for you to know and experience that you’re as good as anyone else. To know you’re worthy of charging your clients what you’re really worth because of the amazing transformation they’ll get.

You can feel you deserve as much success as you want. By building up a rock solid sense of your worthiness.

This core of certainty that you are absolutely good enough, just as you are, will hold true for you, whatever happens in your life, whatever anyone says or does.

It will bring you the courage and the freedom you’ve been looking for.

And the bonus?

The thought of playing small will seem impossible to you. You’ll naturally step into a much bigger vision of what’s possible for you.

So, how can you make this profound change?

Simply by identifying and eliminating your Limiting Beliefs, many of which you will have had since you were a young child.

Including these (I had them all):

– I’m not good enough
– There’s something wrong with me
– It’s dangerous to draw attention to myself
– I’m not important

It’s easy to make this change. And the results can be truly magical.

I scratch my head and wonder why more people don’t know about this.

What does this mean for you as a business owner?

Well, if Eleanor Roosevelt’s words resonate with you, then maybe it’s time to challenge your Limiting Beliefs that are keeping you stuck at your income level. So you can start to play big.

You deserve to have all the success and money you want. It’s already there… waiting for you to claim it.


Nina x