What are your limiting beliefs around money?

Try these out for size…

“I’ll never have enough money.”

“It’s a struggle to get (high) paying clients.”

“I don’t deserve more money.”

If you’re running any of these money beliefs, you’re blocking money coming to you.

It’s like you’re holding out your hand and saying, “NO! I can’t have more money! Keep it away from me!”

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Why would you choose to block money?

But you are, otherwise you would have all the income you want.

The missing piece of the money jigsaw is this:

If you want an $___ monthly income (fill in the blank), you have to have the beliefs that allow you to have that income.

Otherwise it won’t happen for you.

You can continue to put in as many hours as you want, and invest in new strategies and trainings.

But you won’t attract more money until you remove your limiting beliefs about having more money.

In this 3-minute video, you’ll learn how to remove old fear and scarcity-based money beliefs, and create new inspiring ones.

Which of the Limiting Beliefs (at the top of this post) resonated with you?

To your magnificent success.

Nina x

How do you feel about sales calls?

Do you dread them? Do they give you a sick feeling in your stomach?

Do you have anxiety and fear before the call?

It’s not the sales calls that are scaring you. It’s the limiting beliefs you’ve made up about the calls that are having a huge negative impact on your bottom line.

In this 3-minute video, you’ll learn how to remove the fear and start getting more “Yeses”. (The secret to getting more “Yeses” isn’t what you think, but I’ll reveal it in the video.)

If you’re curious about having sales calls that don’t make you sick to your stomach, then book a Mind Block Breakthrough call with me where I will demonstrate exactly how a stress-free call happens.

In the Mind Block Breakthrough call, I’ll share with you additional secrets about making sales calls that are exciting to you and result in more “Yeses”.

So book a Mind Block Breakthrough call now and let’s get started. It won’t be scary, I promise!

To your magnificent success.

Nina x

P.S. The secret in this video comes in at 48 seconds – don’t miss it!

What’s the difference between very successful entrepreneurs, and those who struggle to achieve the success they want?

Their mindset.

Very successful entrepreneurs believe they can have what they want.

They have the self-belief to take big action and create massive business growth.

Want to find out how you can become “I can have what I want” business owner?

Watch this 3-minute video.

To your magnificent success.

Nina x

Do you worry that you can’t live up to your clients’ expectations?

That you won’t be able to deliver the result that you promised them and they’re paying you for?

And then you’ll be exposed and humiliated for “not being good enough”.

You’ll feel like a fraud.

Can you see how this “story” is hurting your business?

Watch this 3-minute video to find out how you can overcome Imposter Syndrome once and for all and confidently step into your expert status.

Are you struggling to charge more?

It’s because, deep down, you don’t believe in the value of your services.

And you’re worried that you won’t deliver on your promise to your client.

Watch this 3-minute video to fully understand and believe in the value you bring to your clients, so you can easily start to raise your fees.

To your magnificent success,


Nina x

Do you get bogged down in negative thinking?

It’s a real sucker of your time and energy, isn’t it?

And before you know it, you’ve wasted another day.

It takes a huge effort to to dig yourself out – you can be your own worst enemy.

Which is why I created this 3-minute video, to share my favourite way to dissolve negative thinking so you can have a clear mind to solve problems creatively and take big action to grow your business.

Try it out for yourself – It’s an easy method and it works!

To your magnificent success,

Nina x

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