Dissolve “Imposter Syndrome” and claim your expert status

Do you worry that you can’t live up to your clients’ expectations?

That you won’t be able to deliver the result that you promised them and they’re paying you for?

And then you’ll be exposed and humiliated for “not being good enough”.

You’ll feel like a fraud.

Can you see how this “story” is hurting your business?

Watch this 3-minute video to find out how you can overcome Imposter Syndrome once and for all and confidently step into your expert status.

How to charge more… fearlessly

Are you struggling to charge more?

It’s because, deep down, you don’t believe in the value of your services.

And you’re worried that you won’t deliver on your promise to your client.

Watch this 3-minute video to fully understand and believe in the value you bring to your clients, so you can easily start to raise your fees.

To your magnificent success,


Nina x

How to Dissolve Negative Thinking Quickly

Do you get bogged down in negative thinking?

It’s a real sucker of your time and energy, isn’t it?

And before you know it, you’ve wasted another day.

It takes a huge effort to to dig yourself out – you can be your own worst enemy.

Which is why I created this 3-minute video, to share my favourite way to dissolve negative thinking so you can have a clear mind to solve problems creatively and take big action to grow your business.

Try it out for yourself – It’s an easy method and it works!

To your magnificent success,

Nina x

Connect with the “bigger players”

Do you feel scared to connect with the “bigger players”?

Because you believe they won’t be interested in someone “small” like you?

This is a “story” that you’ve made up and is keeping you playing small.

Watch this 3-minute video to create new empowering thinking so you can sit comfortably as an equal with anyone and everyone, no matter how successful they are.

This is how to step into your power.

To your magnificent success,

Nina x

Cute Cat Videos

Today is the day you’re going to finally create your sales page, or reach out to that person you’ve been thinking about for weeks, or email your list.

Honestly, you’re going to do it today.

BUT you find something else far more interesting to do – maybe it’s checking out how well your peers are doing on facebook, or watching that cute cat video, or perhaps it’s putting on a wash (yes, suddenly that feels more exciting than taking that client-getting action).

So, how do you break this destructive self sabotaging behaviour once and for all?


Watch this 3-minute video to get into action-taking mindset so you can finally finish that activity you’ve been kicking down the road.

Do it now, and let me know how my video compares to the cute cat video.

And let me know how you get on, I read every email.

To your magnificent success,

Nina x

Stop doing this, it’s damaging your business

Are you running this damaging strategy in your life?

“What makes me good enough is having people think well of me.”

What does this mean?

Well, it means that you’re constantly chasing validation from others to feel you’re good enough and you have value.

By doing this, you’re giving away your power and allowing others to run your life.

This is putting the brakes on your impact and your income because you’re playing small and you’re not getting your message out there.

Watch this 3-minute video to discover how to stand in your power and thrive.

It’s what you’re here to do.

To your magnificent success,

Nina x

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