Episode 71: Ronnie Nijmeh: Take Big Action to Grow Your Business with this Mindset Shift

Ronnie NijmehRonnie Nijmeh, founder of PLR.me, is the leading content provider for coaches with over 13,000 done for you white label products. He has also mentored and coached tens of thousands of coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

In this content-packed episode, Ronnie shares his top mindset tips to create real business growth.

Listen in as he shares:

  • How to Commit to taking Action in your business – it’s surprisingly easy.
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Episode 70: Wendy Weiss: Easy mindset tweaks that make you great at sales, even if you aren’t a born salesperson

Wendy WeissWendy Weiss, the Queen of Cold Calling, is a sales coach and an expert at lead generation, cold calling and new client development. She walks her talk – she cold called Avon and they became her client!

She has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to sell, even those who aren’t natural sellers.

Wendy’s conversation is fascinating. She explains that everything she knows in life she learned in ballet class!

Listen in as she shares:

  • The big Myth about selling – this will set you free and open the door for your success in sales
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Episode 69: Nicole Holland: The Mindset to get on top level podcasts to expand your audience and attract tons of clients

Nicole HollandNicole is a media strategist and coach who specialize in podcast hosting as well as podcast guesting. Originally a corrections officer, Nicole ventured into the world of podcasting just a few years ago with absolutely zero street cred. No one knew her. In just a few months of podcasting she made the Apple New and Noteworthy Podcast list and stayed there for over 2 years. She’s featured on popular podcasts and was listed as one of Entrepreneur’s top 48 podcasts.

Listen in as she shares:

  • A technique to grow your audience (and get clients) that few are using. Are you?
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Episode 68: Adam Hommey: The value adversity in your business and how it can propel you to success

Adam HommeyFounder and creator of Business Creator’s Institute, Adam Hommey helps entrepreneurs like you win at the game of business and marketing so you can thrive from the intersection of your brilliance and passion. For years he’s been a secret weapon for dozens of entrepreneurs and business creators. He is the author of the Amazon best seller Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy.

Listen in as he shares:

Episode 67: Carl Utter: How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection So You Can Make More Sales

Carl UtterCarl is the creator of the 800lb Gorilla Growth Model and is a sales consultant, coach and trainer. He’s been leading sales development initiatives for the last 25 years and is at the forefront of anything to do with sales, helping his clients with lead generation, building their sales “muscles” and keeping more of the money they bring in so they can enjoy more profit.

Listen in as Carl shares:

  • His journey from thriving musician to starving sales person to the mega successful sales person he is today
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Episode 66: Christine Schlonski: The Mindset Shifts To Skyrocket Your Sales

Christine SchlonskiChristine is the Queen of Sales Success Mindset. As a multi-talented leader in the field of sales success, mindset, motivation and strategies, Christine works with heart-centred entrepreneurs who love what they do but dislike selling. She shows people how to make sales with ease, confidence, and to charge your worth. Her extensive experience includes 12 years of successful selling, closing high ticket live events in the corporate world and as a high level sales director.

Over the years, she’s made millions for herself and for the successful sales teams that she’s built throughout her career. Believe it or not, Christine didn’t always love sales, but after discovering personal development and training to be a coach she brought her two worlds together and found her sweet spot.

Listen in as Christine shares:

  • Her journey from being so nervous about making a sales call that her hands were shaking to a place of seeing sales as something to love
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