The Easy Way To Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Is staying in your comfort zone stopping you from making more money?

Imagine what could happen if you made the decision to take big and bold action in your business… higher paying clients, being seen as an expert in your niche, other big players asking you to do joint ventures with them.

Coming out of your comfort zone is much easier than you think.

Watch this 4-minute video to see how.

What’s keeping you stuck in your comfort zone? Let me know below.


Nina x

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How Does Michael Charge £1000 Per Hour For His Coaching?

I met up with a life coach a couple of days ago.

Michael charges £1000 per hour.

He 100% believes he delivers incredible value to his clients and therefore his price is a fair exchange for transforming their lives.

He has a full client list.

I can

In fact, when he gets too busy, he’ll put up his price again. And again. And again.

What about you?

How much do you charge?

How often do you put up your prices?

The crucial question is this:

What’s the difference between you and Michael? What makes it possible for Michael to charge £1000 per hour?

Here are Michael’s Special Powers:

  1. Micheal completely believes in his value. He is confident in his ability to help his clients get the result of which they’re dreaming. He EXPECTS his prospects to say “Yes” to investing with him.
  2. He is courageous. He isn’t afraid of rejection. He knows he needs a certain number of “Nos” to get a “Yes”. It’s a game he enjoys playing. And even when he gets a “No”, he knows he’s delivering great value because that prospect will walk away with huge insights and mind shifts about themselves and their business.
  3. The reason Michael believes in his value and welcomes rejection is because he has done, and continues to do, a huge amount of “inner work” on himself to create a powerful and resilient mindset. He has cleared out his Limiting Beliefs that were holding him back. And this has made him feel unstoppable.

He knows his thoughts are the key to believing in himself and keeping his focus and commitment when times get tough. This gives him the confidence to charge £1000 per hour.

Now don’t get me wrong. He doesn’t sit around using the power of his thinking to magically create clients. He works hard on his marketing to set up the opportunities to create his high-paying clients.

In other words, he takes big and bold action coupled with extraordinary self belief.

And that’s a marriage made in heaven for any business owner who wants to charge £1000 per hour.

Do you want to create rock solid self belief so that you can work with higher paying clients? It starts with your thinking about what you believe is possible for you.

As Tony Hiseh put it:
Whatever you’re thinking, Think Bigger.


Nina x

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How To Stop Taking Things Personally


Do you take things personally?

Are you terrified about what others think of you?

How huge an impact is this having on your results?

Taking things personally had a devastating effect my growth – both personally and professionally.

Watch this 3-minute video to find out how I stopped taking things personally – this changed my life – and how you can change yours too.

I don’t want to be dramatic about this… but, this is life-changing stuff.


Nina x

P.S. Please share this with anyone you know who takes things personally – they’ll thank you for it.

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Playing Big Made Simple


Do you take on what others think about you? Do you listen to people who think you should play small?

Do you want to start playing big to grow your profits?

Watch this 2-minute video to see how to start playing big – on YOUR terms.

How do you play small? Let me know in the comments below.


Nina x

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I Agree With Jennifer Aniston About This

I’m not a fan of Jennifer Aniston, or anything like that, but I recently read something she said, and thought, “You are so right.”Jennifer fell out with her mother when her mother gave a television interview about their relationship.

This is what Jennifer said:

“As adults, we can’t carry on blaming our parents”.

finger point

Are you still blaming your parents for what life’s dishing out to you? Do you blame them for your lack of confidence, for never getting a break, for feeling you don’t fit in, and so on?

Me too.

I grew up thinking I was inferior to everyone else, I wasn’t worth listening to, that there was something wrong with me.

So I created a survival strategy to get through life:

The more I could hide away, the less chance people would find out how flawed I was.

What a great strategy, hey?

And guess who I blamed for all this?

My parents.

It was their fault I felt like this because of the childhood they’d given me.

Then the penny dropped.

Nothing they’d done was making me feel I wasn’t as good as others.

I was feeling like that because of my THINKING. From the MEANINGS I’d created around my childhood memories. Eg. all those times my Mum didn’t listen to what I was saying when I was growing up… meant I wasn’t worth listening to.

With a mind-blowing clarity, I saw my feelings of worthlessness had NOTHING to do with my parents. They had EVERYTHING to do with my thinking and the meanings I was innocently creating around events that had happened in my life.


This led me to make a life-changing decision that has changed EVERYTHING for me.

I decided to take 100% responsibility for how I felt about myself because my feelings were being created 100% by me, by my thinking.

I took responsibility WITHOUT blaming myself.

No more blaming anyone including myself. Ever. Again.

Now I don’t waste headspace blaming my parents for what’s showing up in my life. They did the best they could, given their thinking.

With all that extra headspace, I get to focus on myself, on my personal growth, just by clearing out made-up meanings that were keeping me stuck.

How about you?

What do you blame your parents for?

Or are you ready to free up lots of headspace by taking 100% responsibility for your feelings and everything that’s going on in your life?

Your choice.


Nina x

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Why Your Fear Of Rejection Is Holding You Back – Bigtime


I’m going to share with you one of the easiest and quickest ways to grow your business.

I do this and it’s produced amazing results. And I’ve helped my clients to get over their fear and do it too.

What is this super effective strategy?

It’s simple. (Or not. It depends on your thinking).

Reach out to people you want to get to know – who you believe will help you to grow your business. Spend time building strong relationships with them by offering them your support.

Are you taking this very powerful action?

Or is your fear of rejection stopping you?

Do you suspect this may be the key action, which if you could find the courage to do it, would transform your business?

Watch this super short video to find out how to find your courage and get over your fear of rejection.

So you can start to enjoy connecting to prospects, mentors and your peer group. To grow your profits and learn from the best.

I promise you it works.

Go on, try it and let me know how you get on.


Nina x

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Why Have You Plateaued?

Wondering why has your income’s been the same for the last few years?

Frustrated that you’re not there yet?

It’s because you’ve hit An Obstacle.

The Obstacle is…

…Your Thinking.


So far, with your current thinking, you haven’t got the results you need.

You may be thinking, “It’s got nothing to do with my thinking, it’s because I haven’t got the right skills and/or my marketing strategy is wrong”.

I’ve worked with enough business owners from the start-ups to multi-six figures, and it’s always the same Obstacle that stopping them from having more profit and passion in their business:

Their Thinking.

So how is YOUR Thinking keeping you at the same level, or even slipping backward?

You THINK you’re not capable of getting there.

You THINK you haven’t got what it takes.

You THINK that your upbringing and life experiences mean a luxurious lifestyle isn’t meant for someone like you.

When you bang up against The Obstacle standing in the way of more success and happiness, you have two options:

1. Retreat – and beat yourself up, lose more confidence, blame others for letting you down.

2. Figure out how to get past Your Obstacle. Once you get past it, you’ll expand and grow to a much higher level of self confidence which will become your new comfort zone.

It’s all about the quality of your Thinking and what you believe is possible for you.

It’s all about taking your Thinking to the next level.

And the quickest and most enjoyable way to do this is to clear out your internal blocks.

So you can increase your profits significantly to create more family time, holidays, financial security.

Are you ready to transform into a confident and courageous business owner? Let’s talk.


Nina x

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How Your Biggest Fear Is Stopping More Business Success


Want to know what’s your biggest fear that’s having a HUGE impact on how you’re showing up in your business?

Watch this super short video to see what it is.

How it’s stopping you from playing bigger.

And what you can do about it right now.

Let me know how you get on.


Nina x

P.S. Sorry the video is grainy. I shot it on my iphone – must have used the wrong setting!

One thought on “How Your Biggest Fear Is Stopping More Business Success

  1. John Whales says:

    Very nice message Nina. Thank you.

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The Secret To Dreaming Big


Are you sick and tired of dreaming small?

Having what you want is easier than you think.

Want to know how to create the mindset that will let you dream big to have more money and time freedom?

Watch this two-and-a-half-minute video.

Nina x

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