[2-min Video] How To Create Your Life With Intention


Are you living a default life? Do you react automatically to events – in a way you that isn’t serving you?

Eg. when a prospect says “No” to working with you, do you automatically think, “People don’t want what I’ve got, I’ll never make this work,” ?

If you’re not getting the results you want, watch this 2-minute video to start creating a life you love on purpose.


Nina x

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How To Change Your Inner Talk To Make More Money


What do you believe is true about you?

Do you believe that you’re not good enough?

That you’re not worth what you’re charging?

These stories are stopping you from increasing your income.

Watch this 2-minute video to change your inner talk to make more money.


Nina x

How To Stop Seeking Approval From Others


Do you worry what people think of you?

Do you waste time stressing that they’re judging you, criticising you, disapproving of you?

Watch this video to take your focus off what others think of you… and put it firmly on yourself so you can get bigger results in your business.


Nina x

Sneaky Trick To Get Comfortable Talking To Prospects


Do you feel fearful about telling prospects about your services and prices in case they say “No”?

If you do, watch this 3-minute video where I share a sneaky trick to get comfortable talking to prospects.


Nina x

How To Take Big, Bold Action To Grow Your Income


You may think your next big breakthrough is going to come from a new marketing strategy or a new process or a new team member.

… Or are you beginning to think that your mind is the key to creating more income?

Watch this 2-minute video to see how to use your thinking to take big bold action to grow your business.


Nina x

How Your Limiting Beliefs Are Directly Affecting Your Results


When I start working with new clients, they tell me they want to grow their business. They have amazing skills and services, they’re trying different marketing strategies to get momentum… but, inspite of all their hard work, nothing has happened.


Because they’re getting in their own way.


With their Limiting Beliefs. They’re thinking small because of their limited thinking.

What can be done about it?

I’ll tell you in today’s 3-minute video post.

Click here to watch it.

And when you’re done, please leave a comment.


Nina x

Do You Want More Income?


Are you struggling to create more income?

Do you wish it was easier to attract more money into your life?

It comes down to how you THINK about money – the stories you created from listening to those around you.

Watch this 2.5 minute video to challenge your thinking to create more income, more easily.


Nina x