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Blast Through Your Income Block

Coaching Session

Overcome Calls Reluctance To Sign Up More Clients

In this 90-minute “Blast Through Your Income Block” Breakthrough Session, you’ll:

  • What’s really holding you back from having more powerful and authentic sales conversation
  • The internal conflict of feeling you don’t offer enough value while wanting to appear confident and full of self belief on the call
  • When you worry about saying your price because, deep down, you don’t believe you’re worth that much
  • The worry about being salesy and pushy, caused by money programming you’re unconsiously running which is stopping you from booking in more clients
  • Why you’re focusing in the wrong direction during your sales calls (and how to turn your focus in the right direction)
  • The most important part: how your fears of criticism and rejection are sabotaging your calls and what you can do to start overcoming this fears

Value: $450

Special price for Carl’s audience: Just $147

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