Five-in-Five Bootcamp

Attract 5 Higher-Paying Clients in just 5 Weeks… without fear and overwhelm

There’s got to be an easier way to make a great income doing what you love!

Have you reached a plateau in your earnings and your business?

Maybe you’ve tried everything.

You’ve tried working harder…

You’ve tried new marketing initiatives…

You’ve tried tweaking your offer, your website, your social media…

But nothing seems to make any difference.

You feel stuck, unable to bring in more money.

And the worst bit?

You are working WAY too hard to get clients who are paying you way too little. And the clients you have aren’t doing the work to get the results you know they’re capable of.

That’s what happens when you don’t believe in your value and the value of your service. You carry on selling your services at a giveaway price which makes you feel like a loser, feel undervalued, resentful, and frustrated.

You’re not alone.

Most experts, consultants and coaches keep their prices much lower than they want to because they’re afraid to charge more in case their prospects are put off by the price.

Fear-based pricing is blocking your success

FEAR is the biggest reason why you’re pricing your services this low.

You can dress up your fears as a stack of “reasons” to explain why you’re undercharging:

“I’m not experienced enough yet.”

“I don’t have enough testimonials.”

“No one’s going to pay me that much.”

“I should build momentum before I offer my program at full price.”

These are the poisonous fear-based thoughts that sabotage how you price your services and offers. And this is having a devastating effect on your income, month by month, year by year.

Why aren’t you booking the higher paying clients you want?

It could be the same reason I was unable to raise my prices.

In 2005 I was running my first business, a personal shopping business. My business was stagnating. Long hours, different clients, different services, but the same stuck income level year after year.

The reason I was struggling to get high-level clients was because I was stuck in fear-based marketing due to placing a low value on myself.

I was terrified to charge more in case I got more rejections and pushed my prospects into my competitors’ arms!

Once I had the big ‘AHA’ that my next level of success was going to come from breaking through my inner belief systems, boom! It was like clearing a log jam on a river. Everything started flowing for me and my earnings improved dramatically.

As I rapidly gained confidence to increase my prices, the customers I attracted changed overnight.

They valued me and my services much more because I was radiating my value out to them. They took huge action, were excited to commit to achieving the big end result, they were happier with my services and offerings, and didn’t ask for refunds.

Each time I increased my prices, this became even more true.

Each client was a massive win/win!

The real reason you’re struggling to raise your prices

The reason you’re stuck around your pricing has nothing to do with the strategies you’re using. It has nothing to do with working harder. And it has nothing to do with finding a different business coach or mentor.

The reason you’re stuck is due to the internal battle being waged in your head. A battle you are probably not even aware of.

Your conscious mind wants growth, success, consistency of income and an increase in wealth and freedom. Meanwhile, your subconscious mind is holding you back and applying the brakes.

Sadly, your subconscious mind isn’t there to help you to play big, shoot for the stars, take big action. In fact, it’s stopping you from having the BIG breakthrough to skyrocket your success.

Unfortunately for us, the effects of the subconscious on everything we do is immense. Your subconscious mind is much, much more powerful than your conscious mind and will always win in any argument between the two.

According to Bruce Lipton, “the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs.”

Can you imagine how your subconscious limiting belief systems are always blocking your adult goals and aspirations?

Imagine trying to grow your business but your subconscious is telling you can’t charge more because no one will pay that much…

Consciously your goal is to book more higher paying clients to grow the business rapidly. You have marketing initiatives lined up, new products and services… everything is ready to go.

But you feel you have to keep your prices low so you get more easy “Yeses”. Or you panic and drop your price to get a “Yes” but feel undervalued and resentful. All because of your subconscious mind and your limiting beliefs are sabotaging you.

The good news is…

There is a solution

It is possible to quickly and easily erase the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from booking higher paying clients…

It is possible to reprogram your subconscious mind so that it supports you rather than sabotaging you…

It is possible to build rock solid self-belief so you believe in your huge value to transform your clients’ lives.

And when you do that, it’s like taking the brakes off. Now you can start to make real progress.

You need the right mindset to turn this around so you can start charging what you’re worth. Other people do it. You see them online, offline, in your industry, in your very niche.

Do they have special powers that you don’t have?


The only difference between you and them is that they’re doing the inner work so they can confidently and consistently raise their prices while working with quality clients, fully stand in their expert status, have huge impact and achieve that elusive time and money freedom.

Do you want high-level results like these? Introducing...

Five-in-Five Bootcamp

Attract 5 Higher-Paying Clients in just 5 Weeks… without fear and overwhelm

Five-in-Five is a live Bootcamp, where I’ll show you how to blow out your limiting belief systems permanently so you can book in 5 higher paying clients in 5 weeks.

You’ll build an unstoppable mindset to help you to start attracting customers who will pay you handsomely for your solution to solve their problem.

I’ll show you how to own your value not in a superficial intellectual level, but at the deep experiential gut level so your clients will pick up on it and want to work with you.

And as you start to feel congruent about how much value you bring to the table, you’ll get lift-off in your business.

This is the secret to raising your prices.

You have to get comfortable charging higher prices.

And I’m going to help you to massively step up your inner game so you can feel congruent charging higher prices to attract 5 higher paying clients in 5 weeks.

This Bootcamp isn’t just about getting bigger results in your business, it’s also about getting bigger results in your personal growth.

I’ll be with you on EVERY one of the Bootcamp calls – rooting for you to get big TANGIBLE results. The only thing you need to do is to turn up to every call (or watch the replays), do the homework and BAM! have your best month ever.

This is dramatically different to anything you’ve done before because I’m going to show you exactly how to create a powerful mindset that supports you in playing bigger than ever before.

This is going to get you to take BIG ACTION – because you’ll be clearing out your Limiting beliefs and you’ll be revved up to sell your services at a higher price.

When you charge a premium price, you give a different level of experience. Your attention is focused and your game is on point.

You can try do raise your prices slowly on your own, feeling you’re walking through treacle, overwhelmed and frustrated.

Or you can do it faster with my help.

Jenn Mayers

$21K in 3 Days!

Nina helped me clear tons of blocks I had around money and I gotta say… it was surprisingly easy. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t at all. The next weekend I made $21,000 in new sales. Yes, $21K in three days! Thank you Nina.

Jenn Mayers

Everything you need to succeed is right here!

What would it mean for you to be able to break through the limiting self-esteem and money blocks standing in your way of raising your prices to get higher quality clients?

It could mean…

  • You can double (or more) your prices confidently knowing you’re providing huge value
  • You double your income… or reach 6-figures and beyond
  • You can afford the treats and luxuries you want for you and your loved ones
  • You can grow the business of your dreams
  • You have time to spend with friends and family

All without having to work any harder.

Does that sound like a pipe dream?

It isn’t.

With 5 Higher Paying Clients in 5 Weeks Bootcamp you will:

  • Release the blocks that have been keeping you stuck in low pricing
  • Create empowering NEW beliefs to bring you the success you desire and deserve
  • Start taking aligned big action in your business to book in new higher paying clients!

Booking high paying clients changes Everything!

You make more money with fewer clients.

Clients who pay more are deeply committed to their work with you. They’re eager to create bigger and faster results that will transform their business and lifestyle.

High paying clients make your life easier.

The funny thing is, it isn’t harder to sign up clients when you charge a higher price for your services.

And when you charge more, you feel more valued and you step up in your game to give better service and have a greater impact.

The secret to charging higher prices is simple

First up, decide to change what you’re currently doing. Because what you’re doing isn’t working.

So doing more of that would be insane.

What will you change?

How do you get from low-pricing and erratic client flow to a consistent flow of higher paying client buyers who want to work with you to fix their problem?

Shift your Mindset so you have certainty, confidence and clarity around your true value.

This means letting go of all your deep-seated, hidden fears, all your made-up stories about why you have to keep your prices low.

This is the key to attracting great clients, delivering life changing results, and being richly compensated.

But without a strong and confident inner game, there’s nothing to stop your struggle to make a decent income. You’ll continue working long and exhausting hours, and feel empty, knowing you’re not living up to your true potential.

Why is Mindset key to raising your prices?

Because you can only charge as much as your mindset allows.

Nothing will send high-ticket buyers running away faster than a weak mindset. If you’re wobbling about your value, it’ll come through loud and clear in all your strategy calls, and in your content, and your prospects will definitely pick up on it which makes them much more likely to say “No”.

Your clients are a MIRROR of who you are being right now. If you want coachable, decisive and resourceful clients, then you need to be coachable, decisive and resourceful FIRST.

That means YOU must first believe your services are worth more than they currently are BEFORE you can expect a potential client to believe it.

When you have more confidence, more self belief and the conviction that people will see your value, that’s when they will pay you more than you’re currently charging.

You always have a choice:

Are you going to continue to under-­value yourself and charge low prices which attract customers who drive you crazy and cause you to scramble for that next low cost idea?

Or are you ready to take the leap and raise your prices which will lead to attracting more of your dream clients?

Confident, courageous mindset


Higher paying clients


An easier and more fulfilling business

Susan Epstein

Made an additional $36,000 in 30 days

Nina helped me to clear away my Limiting Beliefs around money, and within 30 days I had created an additional $36,000 in my business.

Susan Epstein

High-ticket pricing will help you reach your income goals faster, create better outcomes for your clients, and allow you to have more income, more impact and more freedom.

This isn’t about using blood and sweat to raise your prices.

I’m talking about charging higher prices, in a completely different way to anything you may have tried before, so that magic happens. People show up… they’re committed… and ready to work… because they want the result you’re promising them.

What would it feel like when…

You’re selling your services at a new higher price that reflects your TRUE value.  Now you’re reaching your income goals faster, and you can finally taste time and money freedom

Your clients are experiencing glorious transformations from working with you

You’re feeling 100% confident in your value, you’re fully standing in your power, you’re having fun creating a business you love!

If this feels exciting, keep reading…

Nancy Zare

After several years of working hard to launch my business as a coach, I was still at the same place I started – not bringing in enough money to pay my living expenses. How could I be a successful coach with all these doubts about my worthiness, adequacy, and competence?

Each session shifted my uncertainty to self-assurance. I began to attract more clients much more easily. Amazingly this happened within a short 3 months.

Nancy Zare

Here’s how Five Higher Paying Clients in 5 Weeks Bootcamp works:

Week 1

Call 1: Start to think like super successful entrepreneurs think to own your value so you can charge premium prices.

I’ll give you the step-by-step blueprint on how you can create this inner game to sky-rocket your prices.

You’ll set your goals about what you want to achieve, plan the transformation that’ll make your heart sing.

Call 2: Hot seat coaching to eliminate your Limiting Beliefs

Week 2:

Call 1: Get lined up behind your value.

You’re going to create unstoppable self-belief to believe in yourself, your services and how you transform your clients’ lives – this is the game-changer to increasing your prices.

This is all about fuelling your personal growth and your business growth.

Once you’ve cracked this piece of your inner game, you’ll feel GREAT about standing behind your new higher price because you know you’re worth it.

Call 2: Hot seat coaching to eliminate your Limiting Beliefs

Week 3:

Call 1: Offering your higher prices to your prospects.

This is inner game training to move from feelings of lack to feelings of abundance, to believe you can get “Yeses” for your new prices.

Call 2: Hot seat coaching to eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Week 4:

Call 1: Getting comfortable getting “Nos”

Unstoppable momentum is building, the fun is really kicking in as you learn how to let rejection slide off you like water off a duck’s back.

And you discover the foolproof way to stop taking rejection personally.

Call 2: Hot seat coaching to eliminate your Limiting Beliefs

Week 5:

Call 1: Stand powerfully in your Expert Status

Stop comparing yourself to competitors and worrying about what they’re doing, your focus is 100% on hugely expanding your comfort zone to achieve things you’ve never achieved before.

Finally stop feeling like a fraud and own your expert status to have much bigger impact to transform lives.

I’ll show you how to have the confidence to reach out to people to create a greater flow in your business.

Call 2: Hot seat coaching to eliminate your Limiting Beliefs

This is going to be an EXCITING journey for you as you keep pushing the boundaries of your magnificence to become the superstar you truly are.


High Paying Clients Bonus #1

Live “High Price Strategy Demo” coaching session where I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to offer a higher price in a strategy call so you learn how to connect your higher price with your prospect’s goals.

High Paying Clients Bonus #2

As you go through the Bootcampth, there will be 2 live “Mock Enrollments To Say Your New Price Powerfully” coaching sessions. You can safely practice mock enrollment calls with other peeps in the class saying your new price without cringing, and you’ll get feedback from me and the other Bootcamp members.

This is extra support coaching to make money and get new clients!

Five higher paying clients in Five Weeks Bootcamp is the inner work + the outer practical tangible stuff – no hype, no fluff, just super focused sessions to get you charging more to get FAST RESULTS!

  • It’s packed with accountability – you’ll be doing homework before each Hot Seating coaching call to build huge momentum in booking in clients
  • I’ll give you all the tools you need to breakthrough your Limiting Beliefs to create an insanely powerful inner game
  • Together, we’ll set you challenges to stretch way past your comfort zone and start playing MUCH bigger
  • You’ll practice saying your new price and making a note of all the negative thinking that comes up and I’ll show you how to clear that out once and for all

It’s like 1:1 coaching, but you won’t have to pay for 1:1 coaching!


I started seeing a BIG change in my income

After working with Nina to clear my block around earning more money, I started seeing a big change in my income – I hit an income level I never thought I would in my business. The very next month I earned 30% more than that. And I’ve smashed that record several times since. Thanks Nina!

Rob Goyette

Bonus Coaching Calls

Live Bonus Coaching Calls! ($1000 value)

I’m gifting you 2 x “Mock Enrollments To Say Your New Price Powerfully” coaching sessions. You can practice doing mock enrollments to make money and get new clients!

Coaching Calls

Live Demo Sales Call ($500 value)

Live “High Price Strategy Demo” coaching session on how to offer a higher price in a strategy call so you learn how to position your higher price + your value with your prospect’s goals.

Coaching Calls

5 Live “Five higher paying clients in Five weeks” Coaching Calls ($3000 value)

These 5 live calls will give you the step-by-step blueprint on how to create an invincible inner game to book in higher paying clients.

Hot seat

5 Live “Hot seat” Coaching Calls ($3000 value)

5 live calls where you get to clear out your Limiting Belief systems to leverage your thinking to create bigger results.

White Forum icon

On-demand Inner Game Mentoring Forum ($1000 value)

Stuff will crop up as you go through the Bootcamp. No problem! Tag me in the online forum and I and your fellow members will support you right back.

Five-in-Five Bootcamp

Will you join us?

It’s decision time.

The choice is now yours.

You could do nothing, close this page and go about your business as before – stuck, frustrated and going nowhere…


You can invest in 5 Higher Paying Clients in 5 Weeks Bootcamp, to permanently clear out your resistance to create an unstoppable inner game, to take massive action to book in higher paying clients.

I’ve made it super easy to invest by giving you 3 different pay options:

To Your Most Successful Year Ever,

Nina x

About Nina

Nina Cooke helps business owners and experts whose business has plateaued, to increase their income by changing their thinking.

Nina has worked with hundreds of stuck and frustrated clients to bring them to the point where they’ve mastered their mindset so that doubling their business becomes an effortless and automatic response due to their confident and courageous new thinking.

Nina does this by showing them how to remove their fears and self-doubt so they can take the big action to create the business income and freedom they want.