#65: Yann Ilunga: Mindset Secrets To Podcasting for Business Success

Yann IlungaYann is a podcasting consultant, international speaker and podcaster with over 300 episodes published. He helps podcasters, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs to be more efficient, get more exposure, acquire leads, and attract prospects, by leveraging podcast hosting, guesting and implementing automated systems. He’s been dubbed a Podcasting Advocate by Forbes, and a “Unicorn Level” Digital Marketing Expert by Inc Magazine.

If you are thinking about starting a podcast or already have one and would like to grow your audience, this episode is a must-listen!

Listen in as Yann shares:

  • How he went from listening to podcasts as study background noise to teaching other people how to use them to grow their business
  • How to pick yourself up and keep going when you have a setback
  • His biggest learning since starting his business (and how to get over the fear of implementing this learning)
  • The secret to avoid leaving opportunities on the table
  • Top Tip – how to have your own successful podcast

Find out more about Yann at yannilunga.com or join 3,500 other members in his FREE “Podcast Growth Mastermind” Facebook Group at yannilunga.com/community.

Nina x

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