#10: Why Courage Has Been Key To Julie Hall’s Success

Julia HallJulie Hall is the founder of The School Of Marketing, Women Unlimited and Spring Media.

Listen in to discover:

  • Why Julie’s Mindset of Selflessness was KEY to growing the wildly successful Women Unlimited
  • Why her Courage has been her great critical to her success… and how you can become fearless about asking for what you want
  • Julie’s step-by-step guide to building Key Relationships to build your business
  • Why she self-sabotaged as her business was taking off, the vital lesson she learned… and how she bounced back
  • Why looking at the big picture is to your business happiness


Julie shares her powerful Morning Routine to get the most out of every day.

Find out more about Julie at www.theschoolofmarketing.net and www.springmedia.co.uk

Please note: the sound quality isn’t perfect in the first couple of minutes, but is clear for the rest of the interview.

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