#82: Tom Poland: The Mindset to Thrive in The Pandemic

Tom PolandBack by popular demand, Tom Poland joins us again to share his wisdom and lessons learned as a hugely successful marketer and author of the Leadsology® series and the creator of marketing programs by the same name. His specialty is the generation of a predictable weekly flow of high quality, inbound, new client inquiries. He’s spoken on global speaking platforms alongside the likes of Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Dr Ivan Misner, Michael Port and many other marketing greats.

Listen in as he shares:

  • How and why some businesses are thriving in the COVID19 era and his top tips to help you to do the same
  • Why visualizing the worst-case scenario could help you overcome the fear of the unknown to grow your business exponentially
  • How to use negative situations to flip the switch in our thinking so we can become instant problem solvers
  • The key to dissolving, pent-up helpful emotions to gain clarity
  • The Four Forces model: Tom walks us through a set of laser-focused mini-exercises to enable you to differentiate fear from fiction so you an overcome your inner demons.
  • Why it’s essential to expand your comfort zone for your personal and business growth

You can get Tom’s The Million Dollar Ceiling book for FREE here: Leadsology Free StuffJoin Tom’s Facebook community to receive cutting-edge advice on how to generate inbound leads, and invitations to exclusive and free Events: Leadsology Facebook Group.

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