#73: Tom Poland: The Mindset to create a Flow of New Clients Every Week

Tom PolandTom Poland is a marketing mentor that started his first business at just 24. He has since started and sold four others, with two of them going international. In that time, he managed annual revenue of over 20 million. He is the author of The Million Dollar Ceiling and creator of the learning program Leadsology: The Science of Being in Demand.

Over 2,000 businesses across 193 different industries and four continents have completed his program and added millions to their earnings. Tom has spoken at international programs with the likes of Michael Gerber, Brian Tracy, Richard Koch, and more.

In today’s content-packed episode, Tom shares his tips for creating a flow of high-quality new clients every week:

  • How to unleash your power to achieve your outcomes
  • The key to identifying your true motivation… this is transformational
  • Why having an ego isn’t always a bad thing…
  • The Four Forces that can shape you and your business
  • How to get past your fears and resistance in order to create a flow of new clients every week

Discover more about Tom’s coaching, programs, and more by visiting www.leadsology.guru, learn more Leadsology on his official Facebook page, and follow Tom on Twitter @tompoland.

Nina x

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