#24: Tom Buford Reveals How To Get Over Your Fear To Charge What You Deserve

Tom BufordTom Buford is a business coach, speaker, author, and musician. He’s an expert in teaching service providers how to package, price and promote their signature training and coaching programs.

Listen in as he shares:

  • His approach on how to leverage your knowledge and charge what you deserve
  • How to get your pricing strategy spot-on and increase your value
  • Why it’s essential to deliver on what you promise
  • The importance of realizing how you are responsible to your clients, and not for them
  • How to get over your fears and raise your prices
  • How to communicate your value so prospects buy
  • His functional Six P’s Formula to charge what you deserve
  • His No. 1 Tip to raise your prices

Find out more about Tom and his work at TomBufordMarketing.com.

Nina x