#87: Sharon Vornholt: How to create a “I can do whatever I want” mindset

Bust Limiting Beliefs and Focus on Profit.

Sharon VornholtSharon Vornholt is the owner of Innovative Property Solutions in Louisville, KY. She began investing in 1998 and when the market crashed in 2008, she became an “accidental wholesaler”. Today, her passion is empowering and educating women who have an interest in real estate investing and in teaching other real estate investors how to succeed in this business. Sharon is best known as a marketing and branding expert, and for her expertise in probate investing. She is the creator of the Louisville Gal’s Real Estate Blog, the popular podcast “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing, and her signature course Probate Investing Simplified.

Listen in on this podcast as Sharon shares:

  • How she pushed open the door to the “boys’ club” and paved the way for other women to follow
  • Her father’s guidance to creating a “I can do whatever I want” mindset
  • Why you should be focusing on profit, not revenue, and how to increase your profit
  • Why your limiting stories are tripping you up (and how she changed her story to create the confidence to become a public speaker)
  • The secret to stretching your comfort zone and overcoming the fear of the unknown to maximise opportunities
  • Her process to “get out of her own head” to take big action in her business
  • How she quickly gets over setbacks and finds creative solutions to keep moving forward

Find out more about Sharon at: Louisville Gal’s Real Estate Blog and Probate Investing Simplified Course.

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