#29: Phil Olley Talks About The Qualities That Business Leaders Share

Phil OlleyPhil Olley is an author and business coach. Since 1999, he has been coaching business owners on how to achieve their goals to increase their income. He is a sought-after speaker and features regularly on the radio and the press.

Listen in as he talks about:

  • The qualities that business leaders share
  • Why taking personal responsibility is important for success
  • Why values are important in business
  • His moment of life-changing clarity and how it impacted him
  • Steps to get clear about what you want in life
  • How do you get laser focused on your big vision
  • His strategy of creating a daily action plan to reach goals
  • Fears you need to overcome to succeed in business

Find out more about Phil and his work at www.PhilOlley.com.

Nina x

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