Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

#17: Paul Avins On Why Success Is All About Your Mindset

Paul AvinsPaul Avins is a a global award winning business coach, mastermind mentor, keynote speaker and author.

Listen in as Paul shares:

  • Why he thrives on being told he can’t do something
  • The critical decision he made at uni that changed his life
  • Why you have to filter out negative voices to achieve your dreams
  • The importance of trusting yourself as a business owner
  • Why it’s essential to keep growing and learning
  • How to challenge your fears
  • What he learnt from his “failures” and how this propelled him to even more success
  • How his fears have helped him to grow his business
  • How to learn to enjoy and manage the emotional rollercoaster of life
  • What to focus on and what to let go
  • His goal-setting formula – and which questions to ask
  • How to hire the best people to achieve your big vision
  • His No. 1 Top Tip to create a strong mindset to achieve your dreams

Find out more about Paul and his services at: oxonetix.com

Nina x

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