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#93: Mindset Secrets To Connect With Influencers – Cloris Kylie

Cloris KylieCloris Kylie, bestselling author of Beyond Influencer Marketing, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with expertise-based businesses attract ideal clients through influencer marketing.

Cloris’s articles have been published on personal development and business websites with millions of readers, such as Tiny Buddha, Mind Body Green, Addicted2Success, and Jeff Bullas’ blog. She has been a featured guest on top-ranked podcasts, YouTube shows, radio and TV.

Listen in as Cloris talks about:

  • Her go-to strategy to believe you can do and have what you want
  • How to feel comfortable reaching out to influencers (with examples of what to say/write)
  • The key approach to deliver value first in order to build strong, enduring relationships
  • How to discover what matters to influencers and then build a strategy to attract their attention
  • The secret to taking action in spite of your fear (this is super important to build your success)
  • How she quickly overcomes setbacks to ensure continued and sustained momentum in her business
  • Her Top Tip to connect with influencers (put this into action to get big results)
  • The biggest lesson life has taught her which has been super powerful, not just in business, but in every area of her life

Find out more about Cloris Kylie at www.ClorisKylie.com and pick up her free Guide To Connect With Influencers.

Nina x

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