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#15: Marie Grace Berg and “The Big Why” That Kept Her Going When Things Got Tough

Marie Grace BergMarie Grace Berg is the creator and leader of the top business podcast for women. She is a well-known connector of people and influencers. She got her start in business through podcasting where she interviews experts in various niches. Her greatest passion is bringing experts together to share their message in a much bigger way to serve more people.

In this episode:

03:00 – The business mentor who gave Marie the inspiration and courage to get started

04:20 – How Joint Ventures have given her a flexible and successful business

05:30 – Why Marie’s key to success has been clearing out her inner blocks

07:25 – Marie shares how she kept up her gruelling schedule of publishing one podcast a day – for years!

08:55 – What motivated Marie to build the top business podcast for women?

09:10 – Why having a “Strong Why” is crucial to keep you going through the hard times

14:15 – Marie shares how she self-sabotaged when she first started her business

15:48 – How Marie handles her fears about getting to the next level of her business success

19:18 – How she found the courage to try new things and push past failure

22:00 – How Marie sky-rocketed her income by shedding her Limiting Money Blocks

26:30 – The secret to Marie’s productivity and discipline – try this, it works!

28:45 – Marie shares what you need to do if you want to be even more successful

33:35 – Marie’s No. 1 Top Tip on how to overcome your inner blocks around your business

Find out more about Marie Grace Berg at www.mariegraceberg.com where you can pick up the Joint Ventures Toolkit for free.

Nina x

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