#77: Lisa Bloom: The Mindset behind Storytelling to Light Up your Business

Lisa BloomLisa Bloom is the founder of Story Coach and works with entrepreneurs and business owners to find their success story, build their confidence, and attract ideal clients. She trains coaches to use storytelling to impact their business growth and clients.

Lisa is an accredited coach, author, leadership, and mentor expert and her techniques have helped her grow her business and become an international speaker. She is the author of the Amazon best seller, “Cinderella and the Coach – the Power of Storytelling for Coaching Success!” and the creator of the Stories That Sell Mastery & Certified Story Coach Programs. Her past clients include Microsoft, HP, NICE, Intel, and Cisco. She has spoken in over 14 countries around the world.

In this episode, Lisa shares:

  • How to use storytelling as a coaching tool to light up your business
  • How to determine if your story is serving you and Top Tips for skyrocketing its impact
  • Why you shouldn’t be fearful when things don’t work out the way you hoped they would
  • What Imposter Syndrome is and how you can change your mindset to overcome it
  • Valuable insights for overcoming your negative thoughts
  • How to recognize and embrace opportunities to take your game to the next level
  • Why sometimes the best things happen when you simply do them (and how to make sure you don’t self sabotage yourself)

You can learn more about Lisa at her website at www.story-coach.comor visit her on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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