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#14: Karen Williams Reveals How To Get Over Your Fear Of Visibility And Write A Book

Karen WillamsKaren Williams is the Book Mentor. She works with business experts who want to write and publish a non-fiction book that grows their business, raises their credibility and attracts higher-paying clients.

In this episode:

03:44 – Karen’s shares her secret to a successful business

05:13 – Karen’s biggest learnings about setting up a successful business

08:34 – How Karen overcame her biggest fears in order to write her first book

11:44 – Karen shares how her first Amazon launch changed her life

14:22 – How you can overcome your fear of visibility and putting yourself out there

16:38 – What differentiates the best business coaches from all the others?

18:37 – Karen’s Top Tips on the very first steps you need to take to write your book

21:50 – Karen’s Inner Game that sets her apart and is the reason for her success

Find out more about Karen at librotas.com and bookmarketingmadesimple.com

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