#81: Jane Sagalovich: The Mindset to create and achieve your vision, without getting side-tracked with setbacks

Jane SagalovichJane Sagalovich is the founder of Scale Your Genius, a company that helps established coaches, experts, and consultants create and sell results-oriented, profitable, and sustainable online programs. Jane shows her clients how to scale their genius, reclaim their time and maximize their impact and income.

Listen in as Jane shares:

  • Why the simple act of journaling can help you to gain deep insights to propel your business forward
  • How to use discomfort and fear to achieve your vision… without self sabotaging your success
  • The importance of creating a clearly defined vision to motivate and focus you to reach your goals
  • What’s really holding you from taking action, and how to remove that resistance
  • Why being unattached to the need for quick wins can help you to achieve your goals more freely and easily
  • Her process to overcome setbacks… this is how to build a resilient mindset to create sustainable success
  • This One Simple Act can scale your business significantly and easily

If you would like access to Jane’s incredible free content and gain access to her inspiring community, join her Facebook group here: TheGeniusTribe.com. To create your own results-oriented, profitable, and sustainable online programs that help you reclaim your time and maximize your impact and income, visit her work here: ScaledGenius.com.

Nina x

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