#8: Yasmin Vorajee Believes A 20-Hour Week REALLY is Possible

Yasmin VorajeeAre you frazzled from working regular 12-14 hour days?

Do you think this is the ONLY way to be successful?

Do you wish you could have a business you love which delivers a great income AND have more time for yourself?

Today, I’m interviewing Yasmin Vorajee, Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and creator of “Tiny Time, Big Results”.

Listen in as Yasmin shares her insights on why Mindset is the KEY to having a life WHILE running a profitable business.

In this interview, she shares the secrets to:

– Achieving a work/life balance (Hint: keep it simple and profitable) – yes, it IS possible!

– The easier way to achieve your goals

– Getting stuff done – even when you don’t want to!

And find out Why Comparing Yourself To Others can be the biggest block to your success – and how to overcome it.

You can find out more about Yasmin’s work at: www.yasminvorajee.com

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