#40: Ian Dickson Reveals Why Being Happy Is Key To A Successful Life

Ian DicksonIan Dickson is a multi award winning Business Coach & one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers with an extensive and colorful career path which took him from Brixton police officer to corporate director to Business Coach.

Listen in as he talks about:

  • How to create a resilient and robust mindset
  • Why Happy Numbers can transform your Inner Game
  • How he went from Mr. Grumpy to Mr. Happy
  • How to deal with your setbacks and turn them into massive opportunities
  • His Top Marketing Tip to get more clients
  • The secret to retaining long lasting relationships in business
  • Why your Mindset is the crucial driver to more success
  • His Top Tip to more Happiness

You can find out more about Ian and his work at www.iandickson.co.uk.

Nina x

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