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#9: Tamara Monosoff On Getting Over Your Fear Of Being Visible

Tamara MonosoffIs your fear of being visible holding you back in your business?

Get ready for one of the most powerful episodes yet.

Today I’m interviewing Tamara Monosoff, author, speaker, and creator of the Author To Income Formula.

Tamara is sharing actionable and detailed advice about how to create the mindset to get out of your own way so you can step up in your business (advice many would gladly pay for).

Listen in as Tamara shares:

  • Why feeling comfortable being visible is essential to more business success
  • How to embrace who you are and do it your way
  • Why it’s important to focus on the positives to grow your business
  • Why her mindset has been KEY to creating JV partnerships that have catapulted her business success
  • Her Top Tip on how you can start to clear out your Inner Blocks
  • Her daily ritual to mentally prepare and get the most out of her business day.

Not only that…

…Tamara also breaks down exactly how she gets ready to become visible for webinars, speaking on stage, giving interviews… step-by-step.

Listen to our conversation and learn that plus MUCH more.

Find out more about Tamara and her Author to Income Formula at TamaraMonosoff.com


Nina x

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