Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

#13: How Sarah Arrow’s Mother Set Her Up With A Successful Mindset

Sarah ArrowSarah Arrow is an internationally reknowned blogger, influencer and business coach. She has helped over 30,000 businesses grow. Not bad for someone whose school report stated she’d never amount to anything as she couldn’t write…

Listen in to find out:

  • How Sarah’s Mother gave her a “Can do anything” mindset… and the impact it’s had on her success
  • Why she lost her self belief… and got it back in bucketfuls.
  • How a 2009 blogpost, “You’re fired”, led to a 7-figure contract
  • Tips on How To Successfully Blog For Your Business
  • Why knowing you’re good enough is crucial as a business owner
  • Why Discipline was her best friend when times were tough
  • Why you must question your Limiting Beliefs
  • Sarah’s top tip for writing your blog post… learn directly from a master blogger
  • The real reason you’re not posting blog posts… and it isn’t what you think
  • Sarah’s writing routine… this will get you reaching for your keyboard

Find out about Sarah at sarkemedia.com – join her 30-day Blogging Challenge

Nina x

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