#90: How an “Audience First” Mindset Can Elevate Your Results – Danny Iny

Danny InyDanny Iny is the founder and CEO of Mirasee and a leading voice in the world of online courses. Danny has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, and Entrepreneur magazine, and contributes regularly to publications including Inc, Forbes and Business Insider. He’s the author of multiple best-selling books including Leveraged Learning, Teach your Gift, and his most recent book, Effortless.

Listen in as Danny shares:

  • How his “Audience first” mindset has helped him scale his business, impact and income… and how you can quickly apply this to your business
  • His perspective on taking risks to grow professionally and personally
  • The Simple Formula for Success – implement this to elevate your results
  • Key questions to ask yourself to create momentum in your business
  • Hillary Clinton’s quote that will stop you taking things personally… simple and very effective
  • How to learn important lessons from your results so you can build sustainable and steady success
  • The biggest lesson life has taught him… this will help you to see your business in a new light

Find out more about Danny here: mirasee.com. And Danny is offering three of his books for free here: OnlineCourses.rocks/bundle

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