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#50: George Huang Reveals The Mindset To Generate Higher Revenue

George HuangGeorge Huang started out as a young plastic surgeon in 1995 and struggled mightily with the business side of medicine. Overcoming those challenges ultimately inspired him to become a business guide and mentor and now he helps service-oriented entrepreneurs rapidly accelerate their business reach and revenue.

Listen in as he talks about:

  • Being authentic and knowing who you are will help you to build your business
  • Becoming the problem solver so people are drawn to working with you
  • The power of curiosity to bring in more clients
  • The two factors that are required to shift your mindset
  • Why seeing the bigger picture is essential for your business
  • His strategies and tactics to deal with setbacks
  • How to control your thinking to take bigger action
  • How to be productive and get forward momentum
  • His Top Tip on how to grow your revenue

To find out more about George Huang and his work, visit: freedompreneur.com and www.linkedin.com/in/georgehuang/.

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