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#27: Des Dobreva Reveals The Power Of Self-Belief – How To Think And Play Big

Desislava DobrevaDes Dobreva is well known for her unconventional approach to branding. She is the founder of the Badass Brand Squad. With a following of nearly 70,000 people on social media, Des is an international speaker and avid life streamer.

Listen in as she talks about:

  • The Trigger that changed her Mindset and led to her huge success as an entrepreneur
  • How she grew a BIG vision – and how she transformed it into reality
  • How her powerful self-belief led her to create a wildly successful business
  • Game-changing Tips for starting and growing your business
  • How to overcome your fears – and stop listening to negative voices in your life
  • Why you must surround yourself with people who play big in business and in life
  • Expert Top Tips to grow your business using Social Media – these will transform your business
  • Why you need to discover and use your leadership skills to grow
  • Key Questions she asks herself before making any business decision
  • Her No. 1 Mindset Tip to keep moving forward

You can find more about Des and her work on Social Media Badass Academy Facebook group and on her website BadassBrandSquad.com.

Nina x

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