#32: Denyse Whillier Talks The Inner Game of Business Success

Denyse WhillierDenyse Whillier is a business consultant and a former CEO. She had been working as a CEO for around 8 years, after which she left her corporate career to start her own business as a business consultant so that she could have greater control over her time. She is a wiz at financials and marketing, and works with SMEs to help them scale up.

Listen in as she talks about:

  • The importance of recognizing your own value
  • Why self-confidence is your secret weapon for business success… and how to get it
  • How her inner game has helped her overcome obstacles
  • How to use a vision board to attract what you want
  • The importance of powerful mindset to radically improve your business
  • Her No. 1 Mindset Tip to help business owners get momentum

Find out more about Denyse and her work at www.DenyseWhillier.com.

Nina x

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