#33: David Perdew Reveals The Secret To Building Great Business Relationships

David PerdewDavid Perdew is a consultant and a coach. He’s used all the skills he acquired as a journalist, consultant, and entrepreneur to build one of the most successful and fastest growing business training workshops available today – the Novice to Advanced Marketing System (NAMS).

Listen in as he talks about:

  • Why and how he gave up his career as a high-earning independent consultant to jump into online business training
  • The importance of building and maintaining strong, lasting business relationships
  • How he carried his Dad’s ’80/20′ life philosophy over into his business
  • The key strategy to get you to the next level of your business success – it includes staying true to your vision, your core values and your principles
  • The importance of following your gut and how it can keep you on the right path
  • How to create freedom and flexibility in your business
  • The secret to taking massive action for your big vision
  • The importance of persistence in creating business success

Find out more about David and his workshop at mynams.com/everything.

Nina x

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