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#66: Christine Schlonski: The Mindset Shifts To Skyrocket Your Sales

Christine SchlonskiChristine is the Queen of Sales Success Mindset. As a multi-talented leader in the field of sales success, mindset, motivation and strategies, Christine works with heart-centred entrepreneurs who love what they do but dislike selling. She shows people how to make sales with ease, confidence, and to charge your worth. Her extensive experience includes 12 years of successful selling, closing high ticket live events in the corporate world and as a high level sales director.

Over the years, she’s made millions for herself and for the successful sales teams that she’s built throughout her career. Believe it or not, Christine didn’t always love sales, but after discovering personal development and training to be a coach she brought her two worlds together and found her sweet spot.

Listen in as Christine shares:

  • Her journey from being so nervous about making a sales call that her hands were shaking to a place of seeing sales as something to love
  • What made things “just click” for her after years of being unhappy and unfulfilled in her work
  • The biggest learning that gave her the confidence she needed to speed up her success
  • How she got achieved a sense of inner peace in her business
  • The secret to having the confidence to ask for your price
  • The trick to building up your own sense of value so that you know that you’re worth every penny you’re asking for
  • How she deals with “No’s”… it’s much easier than you think 🙂

Find out more about Christine at ChristineSchlonski.com, where you can download her free Empowerment Notes and listen to the “Heart Sells!” podcast. You can also join Christine’s free “Heart Sells!” Facebook Group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeartSells/.

Nina x

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