#19: Cathy Demers: How To Create A Successful Mindset

CAthy DemersWhen it comes to proven business success, Cathy has quite a track record – she co-founded a company with a $10K investment and turned it into a company worth over $20 million. Cathy is an in-demand Business Strategist and Master Business Coach.

Listen in as Cathy talks about:

  • “People issues” – what they are and how they’re having a HUGE impact on your business success
  • Why doing the inner work enabled her to create a $20m business
  • Why you need to think bigger to get to the next level of growth
  • How to get really good at playing the game of business ownership
  • Her No.1 Tip to go from struggling and stuck to getting momentum in your business

Find out more about Cathy at BusinessSuccess.com/Cafe

Nina x

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