#38: Bob Burg: How To Sell More… By Adding Value

Bob BurgBob Burg is an international bestselling author and a Keynote and Corporate Speaker. He speaks for corporations and associations internationally, including fortune 500 companies, franchises, and numerous direct sales organizations. His book “The Go-Giver” (co-authored with John David Mann) has sold over half a million copies and has been translated into 21 different languages. Bob believes money is an echo of value – the amount of money you make is directly proportional to how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

Listen in as Bob talks about:

  • How to understand your value to book more clients
  • Why it’s essential to believe in yourself in order to make more sales
  • How to remove your “self-doubts”
  • How to add value in every Strategy Call
  • How to build successful business relationships
  • The secret to getting great referrals
  • Why a predictable system is crucial to sell your services
  • The importance of removing your fears to create a powerful mindset to sell more

Find out more about Bob and his work at thegogiver.com and burg.com.

Nina x

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