#44: Andrea Waltz: How To Get Comfortable Getting “Nos” From Prospects… And Why It’s Crucial To Your Sales Success

Andrea WaltzAndrea Waltz is the co-author of the best-selling book, Go for No! She and her co-author and partner, Richard Fenton, speak together internationally at business/sales conferences and conventions. They introduce people to a new mindset that immediately impacts their sales, boosts their confidence, and reduces their fears. Not only do they make an addition to their skill set, but also remove one of the biggest business challenges of today: the fear of failure, rejection, and hearing the word, ‘no.’

Listen in as she talks about:

  • Why embracing your failures is a key to achieving confidence
  • How changing your perception of the word ‘NO’ will change everything
  • How to keep moving on, even when you have a setback
  • How to turn your sales conversation into a ‘YES’
  • Why getting a NO is good news
  • How to stop taking things personally
  • How to create great relationships with your prospects
  • Why it is good to do something that scares you… every day
  • How to push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • Her Top Tip for successful sales conversations

To find out more about Andrea Waltz and her work, visit: www.GoForNo.com.

Nina x

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