#62: Adam King: How To Create A Marketing Message That Hooks In Your Ideal Clients

Adam KingAdam King is the founder of Think Like a Fish, and shows professional service businesses how to build a client-catching ecosystem that frees up their time, generates qualified prospects and increases sales without having to spend a penny on advertising.

Listen in as Adam talks about:

  • The mindset that will help you to find and book more clients with less work
  • How understanding that Marketing is all about people can help you stand out from the crowd
  • Why entrepreneurs are afraid of Marketing… and how you can become a confident marketer
  • How to construct authentic marketing messages that catch your audience’s attention
  • A simple technique to ensure you stay top-of-mind for your ideal clients
  • How to get over the fear of “putting yourself out there” – this is essential if you want to get more clients
  • His Top Tip to overcome procrastination and get into action

Head over to www.ThinkLikeAFish.co.uk/nina to get access to a free master class where you can learn how to build a client-catching business without spending a penny on marketing. Connect with him on LinkedIn and visit www.ThinkLikeAFish.co.uk to find out more about Adam.

Nina x

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