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How to make money affirmations work for you


What results have you got from saying money affirmations?

How about this one? Money comes to me easily and often.

Or this: I’m well paid just for being myself.

You may have tried affirmations like these and got little or no results. If you’ve lost faith in the power of affirmations to change your money life, I understand.

Here’s what’s going on: something very powerful is preventing these simple sentences from creating miracles in your financial life.

Back in 1989, I bought Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life. This was my introduction to personal development. I felt I’d stepped into an Aladdin’s Cave. I loved the book and faithfully repeated the affirmations to make myself feel happier, and to turn my life around.

This lasted for 3 days tops before I got distracted and bored and fell back into my well trodden downward spiral of thinking:

I’m not good enough

I’m not likeable

I’ll never get what I want

Affirmations took too much willpower and effort and, at the first setback, got thrown out of the window.

Later I realised why my affirmations never worked. It’s because my deeply hidden mind gremlins, aka Limiting Beliefs, would rise up, screaming, “There IS something wrong with you, You ARE a loser”, and wipe out any soul-soothing affirmations that were grimly trying to hold on for dear life.

It’s exactly the same for you when you try to create wealth.

You may be 100% intentional that you will say your money affirmations every day (treat it as a daily habit like brushing your teeth) and Bingo! you’ll start attracting more and more wealth every day in unexpected ways.

The problem is that if you have Limiting Beliefs that REPEL money, your affirmations won’t be able to compete.

Money-repelling Limiting Beliefs often look like this:

I don’t deserve more money

It’s a struggle to make money

It’s not spiritual to sell

You can say your money affirmations, cross your fingers and pray that THIS time you WILL get your breakthrough. But it’s likely they won’t work UNTIL you’ve first dealt with those self sabotaging mind gremlins that keep popping up to block your abundance.

I’m not dissing affirmations, they’re powerful, amazing and can change lives.

However, what I know to be true is that until you pinpoint and PERMANENTLY remove your Limiting Beliefs, it’s difficult to get a huge mindset shift through affirmations. It’s that lightbulb-popping mindset shift that will enable you to become a receiving channel so you can attract MUCH more abundance, in lots of unexpected ways.

Because I’ve removed so many of my Limiting Beliefs, when I say affirmations, I really FEEL them and know them to be true. They feel joyful. And this makes them super powerful in creating changes in my inner and outer world.

I want the same for you.

If you want to remove the money blocks that are stopping your affirmations from calling in a regular flow of money, apply for a free Income Breakthrough Session here.

We’ll discover all the limiting thinking that’s holding you back from creating more wealth and create a plan to remove it. Then you’ll be free to use your favorite affirmations to create an abundance of money flowing into your life.


Nina x


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