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How To Charge More Even When “They Can’t Afford It”

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Are you asking for business?

That may sound like an odd question to ask a business owner, but I’m being serious.

Are you actually asking people you know and meet to work with you?

Or is this you: You go to networking events to meet prospects, and chat with people online. When they ask you what you do, you go red and quickly gabble an answer hoping they’re so bored/flummoxed by your reply that they’ll want to talk about something else.

What’s going on here? Why are you blowing so many delicious opportunities to offer them a taste of your incredible transformative service?

It’s because you don’t believe you’re worthy of having more… more clients, more income, more ease.  And deep down, you’re worried about saying how much you charge because you have the Limiting Belief, “they can’t afford it”.

In order to ask for business, you have to be 100% certain that:

  1. Your service is the solution to that person’s challenge
  2. You offer more value than the investment you’re asking for
  3. You’re worthy of having whatever you want and you can get it

When you are certain of these 3 things, you’ll stop worrying about whether your ideal client can afford your prices. You’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your clients are happy to pay what you ask – because what you can do for them is more than worth it.

This is how you build magnificent success without working harder.

It’s simple… If you know you’re worthy of having whatever you want, and are 100% certain that you can get it, you’ll automatically start asking for business in an aligned heart/head way that gets you more clients easily… because you believe you can.  

If you want to confidently ask for business at the price you want, let’s book in a time to talk.

To your magnificent success,

Nina x


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