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How Does Michael Charge £2000 Per Hour For His Coaching?

I met up with a life coach a couple of days ago.

Michael charges £2000 per hour for coaching. 

He 100% believes he delivers incredible value to his clients and therefore his price is a fair exchange for transforming their lives.

He has a full client list.

In fact when he gets too busy, he’ll put up his price again. And again. And again.

I can

What about you?

How much do you charge?

How often do you put up your prices?

The crucial question is this:

What’s the difference between you and Michael? What makes it possible for Michael to charge £2000 per hour? 

Here are Michael’s Special Powers:

  1. Micheal completely believes in his value. He is confident in his ability to help his clients get the result of which they’re dreaming. He EXPECTS his prospects to say “Yes” to investing with him. 
  2. He is courageous. He isn’t afraid of rejection. He knows he needs a certain number of “Nos” to get a “Yes”. It’s a game he enjoys playing. And even when he gets a “No”, he knows he’s delivering great value because that prospect will walk away with huge insights and mind shifts about themselves and their business. 
  3. The reason Michael believes in his value and welcomes rejection is because he has done, and continues to do, a huge amount of “inner work” on himself to create a powerful and resilient mindset. He has cleared out his Limiting Beliefs that were holding him back. And this has made him feel unstoppable.

He knows his thoughts are the key to believing in himself and keeping his focus and commitment when times get tough. This gives him the confidence to charge £1000 per hour. 

Now don’t get me wrong. He doesn’t sit around using the power of his thinking to magically create clients. He works hard on his marketing to set up the opportunities to create his high-paying clients.

In other words, he takes big and bold action coupled with extraordinary self belief.

And that’s a marriage made in heaven for any business owner who wants to charge £2000 per hour.  

Do you want to create rock solid self belief so that you can work with higher paying clients? It starts with your thinking about what you believe is possible for you.

I’ve helped dozens of business owners to change their thinking to create bigger results. And I can help you to do that too. Let’s chat.

As Tony Hiseh put it:

Whatever you’re thinking, 

Think Bigger.


Nina x


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