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[FREE QUICK QUIZ] Do you have this Limiting Belief about Money?

Hi Reader,

Are you giving your business everything you’ve got and it’s still not working?

But you can’t figure out why?

Stop for a minute and take this free quick quiz to see if you’ve got this Limiting Money Belief.

If you have, It’s stopping you from earning any more money because it’s blocking you.

Do you want to know what this debilitating Limiting Money Belief is?

And if you have it?


Let’s do it.

Say out loud: It’s a struggle to make money.

Give it a number out of 10 – the more you agree with the statement – It’s a struggle to make money – the higher the number out of 10.

Here’s the secret to getting the true number for this Limiting Money Belief.

Don’t let your rational mind give you the answer. It’ll argue, negotiate, the ego will get involved.

Instead, let your gut, your intuition float the answer up to you. Your subconscious knows the true answer, your conscious mind doesn’t.

What number did you get out of 10?

If you got a 2 or above, you have the Limiting Belief, It’s a struggle to make money.

If you got a 5 or more, this is a powerful Limiting belief for you. This belief will continue to limit how much money you can attract, until you do something about it.

What can you do about it?

Remove this Limiting Money Belief permanently from your subconscious so you never think or feel it ever again. And replace it with a new empowering Belief eg. It’s easy to make money, money flows to me.

Can you imagine what that will free you up to do and be?

If you have this 5+ It’s a struggle to make money Limiting Belief, and you know a new empowered belief is all that’s standing between you and your big breakthrough, apply for “Your Magnificent Success” Session.

Together we’ll clarify how you can start attracting more money, define your vision of success and identify what’s really stopping you from achieving it. And I’ll show you how to create a life full of wonderful possibilities.


Nina x


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