Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

Why Have You Plateaued?

Wondering why has your income’s been the same for the last few years?

Frustrated that you’re not there yet?

It’s because you’ve hit An Obstacle.

The Obstacle is…

…Your Thinking.


So far, with your current thinking, you haven’t got the results you need.

You may be thinking, “It’s got nothing to do with my thinking, it’s because I haven’t got the right skills and/or my marketing strategy is wrong”.

I’ve worked with enough business owners from the start-ups to multi-six figures, and it’s always the same Obstacle that stopping them from having more profit and passion in their business:

Their Thinking.

So how is YOUR Thinking keeping you at the same level, or even slipping backward?

You THINK you’re not capable of getting there.

You THINK you haven’t got what it takes.

You THINK that your upbringing and life experiences mean a luxurious lifestyle isn’t meant for someone like you.

When you bang up against The Obstacle standing in the way of more success and happiness, you have two options:

1. Retreat – and beat yourself up, lose more confidence, blame others for letting you down.

2. Figure out how to get past Your Obstacle. Once you get past it, you’ll expand and grow to a much higher level of self confidence which will become your new comfort zone.

It’s all about the quality of your Thinking and what you believe is possible for you.

It’s all about taking your Thinking to the next level.

And the quickest and most enjoyable way to do this is to clear out your internal blocks.

So you can increase your profits significantly to create more family time, holidays, financial security.

Are you ready to transform into a confident and courageous business owner? Let’s talk.


Nina x


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