Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

The Easiest Way To Call In Abundance Without Working Harder


How many times have you planned to make an offer to your community so you can book in new clients… and not followed through?

You think to yourself:

“Hopefully, I’ll book enough clients to see myself through to the end of the year while being paid what I’m worth. This sounds like a great plan! I’ll be doing the work I love, and helping my clients to transform their lives.”

Then, if you’re like a lot of my clients, you procrastinate. Making an offer just seems so hard and so hopeless. And then you beat yourself up for being a loser.

If this sounds like a repetitive headgame you play, let’s check something out.

Close your eyes and imagine marketing your offer right now. As you imagine this, notice the thoughts that are coming up.

Maybe thoughts like…

It’s too much and people can’t afford it.

What if I don’t fulfill their expectations?

If I played big, I’d have to stay focused every day and follow through.

Other people who do similar work to me know more, are better qualified, so can charge more.

Did you realize you were thinking thoughts like these?

If this is what you’re thinking, it’s understandable that you’re not taking action. It’s understandable that you’re stuck, feeling frustrated and bewildered about not making progress toward your magnificent dreams.

Underlying all this fear-based thinking are your Limiting Beliefs. Beliefs that you’re certain are true about you – but they’re not..(I promise!)

Beliefs like…

It’s scary to play big

I’m a fraud

It’s scary to be visible

I’m not good enough

If you’re ready to reach your goals faster, your first and most important step is to dramatically uplevel your thinking. Once that’s done, everything will flow almost magically from there.

We can’t remove all your Limiting Beliefs in one sitting, but we can dissolve the biggest one! That could be enough to turn things around.

This is the result one client, Rob, got after just one session with me (though I can’t promise that you’ll get the same result):

“I worked with Nina because my biggest problem was consistency. I’d have good months and bad months. But it was only after clearing my blocks around earning more money, that I started seeing a big change in my income. That very next month, I earned more than twice what I’d earned in any month prior to that. And the month after that, I increased my record month by another whopping 30%. I would tell anyone who feels like they should be making more money, to schedule a session with Nina ASAP!”

– Rob Goyette

I’ve put together a special “Unleash Your Magnificence” Power Hour to identify and remove your biggest Limiting Belief that’s keeping you playing small. We’ll replace it with a new empowering belief that will propel you forward to take focused action so you can start to bring in more clients.


This will start to bring you back into alignment with yourself and who you are. To feel excited about what your business can do for you. So when you promote it and tell people about how you can help them, your energy is high.

And you can start to unleash your magnificence to draw in your biggest goals.

All this happens simply by uplevelling your thinking.

I’ll show you, right now, what it’s like to have an aligned business with high energy: Just think of something you’ve been excited about in the past. Got it? That’s what having an aligned business feels like. When you take action from your new place of high energy, the money starts to come in.

This is the easiest way to call in abundance without working harder.

Book in your “Unleash Your Magnificence” Power Hour now (I’ll send you a link to schedule your coaching session with me) and watch the Mindset Magic begin.

To your magnificence,

Nina x


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