Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

Mary silences her trash talk

Happy New Year.

Is this the year that you breakthrough your income limits and have your biggest year yet?

Are you struggling with believing this is possible for you?

If you are, it’s likely you’ve hit an upper income limit that you’ve made up in your head.

This inner trash talk is making it impossible for you to have the freedom to build a business you enjoy and sustain the lifestyle you desire.

When you think of multiplying your monthly income, your Limiting Beliefs will take control:

“I don’t deserve this.”

“I won’t be able to sustain it, it will take too much work and time.”

“Success is not for me, it’s for others.”

Here’s what I’ve discovered after working with 100s of stuck entrepreneurs…

The first step to substantially increasing your income is to identify your limiting beliefs around success and money.

The second step is to dissolve them permanently so you never repeat those limiting money patterns again.

And you’ll be able to have the income you want and deserve.

Watch this 3-minute video where I share a story about my client, Mary. For years, she kept hitting up against her upper income limit, despite investing in lots of different strategies to fix this.  Find out how she smashed through to finally skyrocket her results. She was delighted to discover it was ALL an inside job.

Are you ready to embrace the next stage of your business growth by fixing your upper income limit once and for all? What would your business day look like if you had the extra income to invest in top level support…growing your team so you can spend less time working while your profits increase…working with high- end mentors…creating precious time for yourself and your family?

To your magnificent success,

Nina x


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