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Johanna Konta’s Mindset has earned her $2m

Johanna Konta
Johanna Konta, the British tennis player, enjoyed an incredible run of success by reaching the semi-finals of Wimbledon (before being beaten by the amazing Venus Williams).

Incredible because just 2 years ago she was ranked No. 148 in the world. Now she ranks No. 7.

What caused her remarkable turnaround in just two years?

Konta credits her fantastic success to her mind guru, Juan Coto, who helped her create a winning mindset.

All sports people know the importance of the mental side of the game because it gives them that crucial edge to win big.

When her coach, Coto, started worked with her, he said,”The first thing I work on is to understand what are the thoughts that come?”

He showed her how to replace her negative thoughts like “I don’t want to make mistakes, what happens if I lose?”, with positive thoughts about what she wanted to achieve.

He knew that every single result we get comes from our thinking. Not from what’s going on out there in the world, but from what’s going on in our mind.

So what does this have to do your business?

Just like Konta, if you want the security and the financial independence to both make life-enriching plans and to live life spontaneously, you have to up your game.

The way to do that is clear out your negative thinking like “I’ll never get what I want, I haven’t got what it takes”, and replace it with unshakeable self belief so you can fully commit to growing your business to leave a positive legacy for your family and clients.

Sound good? But don’t know how to do this on your own?

I’d love to help you to create total self-belief to win big. It’s so easy when you know how. Let’s talk.

Nina x


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